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Finding the Future Together

After all those severe thunderstorms rolled through last week, it was time for me to write my column. My initial thoughts were to focus on the week that was beginning with President Biden addressing the national energy issues and his plan of how to lower the cost. This followed by my thoughts on how, with all the information available on whatever screen you choose to watch, difficult it is to find the truth and actual facts. It doesn’t matter what source you choose for the information; it is being driven by analytics trying to prove a predetermined fact driven by money and power. Then you throw in social media, and it becomes a feeding frenzy for the agenda-driven.

I have never seen our Nation more divided and torn further apart on whatever the problem, thought, or issue of the day appears to be. This plays out daily by those elected to lead us in Washington. As I’ve written before, common sense and compromise for what’s best for all Americans have become a thing of the past.

The electronic devices at everyone’s fingertips seem only to fuel the division, this, especially on social media.

As the sun rose the next morning, I decided to write a different article. The American people must rise above this and come to this realization. We are so very blessed to call the United States of America our home. I believe there has never been more opportunity to choose whatever path you would like to choose and live your American dream. This needs to be celebrated and appreciated by all. We cannot allow whatever the source is to keep growing hatred and division. Americans have never had more opportunities. I believe whatever your political affiliation is, most all want the same thing — a better future for our children and grandchildren living in the United States of America. And like I’ve stated in the past, United is the keyword because as the division grows, the greater chance for a failed America.

We must return to understanding that it’s OK to disagree on issues; that is how America was founded and has continued to grow and move forward. We must be more lenient and not expect everyone to agree 100% with our thoughts. The idea of attacking an individual because they don’t have the same beliefs as you must stop — especially when provoked by social media and unproven facts. Most of which are unjustified and untruths. “We The People” must move forward together and understand it’s OK to agree to disagree.

Those that are elected to serve the American people must set the example of how to work together for the good of our Nation. Compromise cannot be viewed as a 4-letter word. And even if you don’t like the person on the other side of the political aisle from you, the show of respect goes a long way in building a better future.

As I travel through our communities and see all the progress that is being made, I’m grateful for our locally elected leaders. I understand how difficult the last two years have been. Yes, there are problems to address, but there is no place in the world I would sooner call home. This also shows me that the 2-party system and the ability for republicans and democrats to work together is alive and well. I applaud anybody that wants to throw their hat in the political ring and serve the American people because I understand the scrutiny they are under.

As citizens of our great Nation, it’s up to us and the power of our vote to make changes if someone is failing to perform their elected duties. This begins with the most locally elected positions.

Moving right along. What an amazing time of year as the beautiful landscape that surrounds us comes back to life. We have so much to be grateful for here at home; get out and about and enjoy the outdoor activity of your choosing. Whether you’re biking, hiking, fishing, or hunting, we are so very blessed with great places to go. I’ve already heard the turkeys gobbling and plan to take the time to get out in Penn’s Woods when the season opens.

As the Spring sports seasons have gotten off to a slow start, I hope there are better weather days ahead for all the athletes. This is another great way to get out and about and support our local teams and participants.

With the kids back outside enjoying Spring activities, please be extra careful while driving. And of course, this time of year, the highway construction workers will be in full swing fixing up and repairing our roadways. It is important to look for and prepare yourself for changed traffic patterns. Please pay extra close intention in work zones for the safety of everyone.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb