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Autumn has officially fallen on the West Branch Valley. Although I don’t like the daylight hours growing shorter, the temperature moving a little south on the thermometer and knowing what may be just around the corner — what an absolutely amazing time of year in our neck of Penn’s woods. We all need just to take a moment and give thanks for all our blessings and take a break from the world gone mad that’s spinning around us.

I don’t even require a calendar anymore. After almost two decades, I know fall has arrived when we’re working on our Webb Weekly Fall Home Improvement Guide. It has become a harbinger of fall within the friendly confines of our office. That and the Halloween candy and skeleton viewed as you enter our door on Kane Street.

This year’s Home Improvement pull-out and save guide is filled with great local business folks ready to help make your living space exactly what you want. It may even give you some great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. It is these types of people that provide the foundation for America and can build, fix up, or repair anything they put their minds to. I am very proud of our relationship with these hard-working men and women who trust us to promote their business and the West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association.

There are over 110 respected businesses within this fall’s guide. We take great pride in providing you the reputable contractors, products, and services that can be found and purchased locally. There has never been a more important time to support your neighborhood and local business community. Not to mention these folks flat out just do a great job and provide products and services at reasonable prices. Remember, a strong local economy begins on the back of small business and works its way up.

My only problem is, as I’m working with these local business folks promoting their services, I always seem to find something I can use around my house. I could fill this page with products that can help make your do-it-yourself endeavors much easier.

All items were bought from my local partners in business. I won’t bore you with all that; however I will share one — Stihl cordless battery-powered lawn and garden equipment. From the blower to the weed whacker and hedge trimmers, right up on up to the chainsaw, you can’t go wrong — plenty of power, great charging life, and no mixing gas required. Just take the battery from the charger, snap in, and away you go.

Moving right along… It has been great to see so many local people using their home time created by the COVID crisis and Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing to catch up around the house. It amazes me the improvements and projects that may have been let go or put off that have gotten done. And believe me, I understand life happens, and things get moved to the back burner.

I have witnessed everything from folks opening things up by taking down trees in their yard, to the obvious painting and normal maintenance, right on up to that addition or swimming pool that has gotten put off for years. Many neighborhoods within our communities have never looked better. Addresses that I have walked or driven by and thought, boy, that place needs a little TLC, have gotten a complete makeover. Tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to those that have used this time wisely and made their home a better place. When you think about it, it’s not just an investment in their own property; it’s an investment in all our neighborhoods and communities.

Just a thought that came to my mind as I was penning this. As we all do those fall seasonal things and transition towards winter, maybe there’s a neighbor or family member that could use a helping hand. The leaves will soon be coming down, and maybe raking is a little easier on you or your children than a more senior member of the community. Possibly, it’s taking an air conditioner out and storing it away, making sure the storm windows are down or something as simple as turning off an outdoor faucet, draining the garden hose, and finding a place for it.

A little kindness and caring go a long way in the world we’re living in today. Take a break from whatever screen brings you all the bad news that is going on. Be a creator of positive energy, hope, and goodwill. Please, while doing so, share this approach with your children no matter their age. Let them feel the joy from within of doing something nice for someone.

If you’re feeling energetic and inspired by a random act of kindness, take on a bigger job. Maybe help with the sealing of a driveway or the painting of a porch. It’s all a great way to get those electronic devices out of the kids’ hands for a while. Be safe, stay healthy, and love one another.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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