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The Ukrainian Inquisition

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Dolly’s Diner for taking such great care of the 303 Veterans that came out for our All American Breakfast on Veterans Day. A Webb Weekly salute to these gentlemen and ladies for providing the freedom that allows all of us to enjoy life in America as we know it.

It was my pleasure to thank and shake hands with Veterans from World War II forward. Yes, there were actually two World War II Veterans out enjoying the early morning breakfast. One was 96 years young, the other 95. It was so very humbling when both gentlemen thanked me, can you imagine? The one even informed me that he had shaved off a long beard just for the event. Of course, I said, you’re very welcome, but you are truly deserving of gratitude from all Americans. The “Greatest Generation” not only provided hope but victory at one of the most pivotal times in history. This wasn’t just for the people of the United States of America but for the World.

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap to Mr. Ron ‘C.I.’ Insinger for teaming up with me on the event. Hopefully, by next year, he has another one or two Dolly’s open so that we can thank even more Veterans!

Moving right along from all that is good in our great land to the Impeachment Inquisition of President Trump. This is just another example of the — if they can’t beat him, impeach him — politics of the liberal Democrats, combined with the inability of President Trump to stop giving these demwits a tractor-trailer load of gasoline to throw on the fire. Are you serious President Trump? After everything that has gone on with Russia, whether it was right, wrong or indifferent, what did you think was going to happen if you spoke with anyone from another country about an upcoming election? Let alone if it involved a possible rival candidate. Like I have written before, there’s only one person that is going to beat President Trump in the upcoming election.

Now for the part of the column when I call out the mainstream media. Just fill in the blank with the call letters of any major networks. They will stop at nothing to hang President Trump from the highest tree that can be found in the Ukraine. It is just the latest attempt to topple Trump, which brings us to the current Democratic Leadership in our Nation’s Capital. Absolutely despicable. They have not worked for the good of our Nation in three years, at the expense of the American taxpayer. They’ve attempted almost everything possible to un-elect the president-elect of our Country.

The Pelosis, Schumars, and Shiffs of the world have shown their true colors, and they’re not Red, White, and Blue. They are only red and yellow. Red, as in uncontrollable anger to the point that they would sooner see our Nation burn, than do their job and work with the sitting president. And yellow, as they will lie and perpetrate any cowardly scheme to end Trump. This, of course, with the mainstream media’s assistance. It’s a 24-7-365 plan to purge themselves from their greatest threat, President Trump’s re-election.

President Trump’s inability to put that cell phone down, coupled with the probability of his personality creating a raging inferno, would have provided the beyond liberal Democratic Party a much higher success rate if they would have done just two things. 1. Understood that their job was to work for the American people to provide a safer, stronger, and more independent America. Just simply punch in on the House Congressional clock and take half the credit for all of the good going on in our Nation. I know what you’re thinking, that goes against everything the current Democratic Party is all about. Exactly! Their only goal for three years has not been about Country but to get President Trump at all costs. 2. Provide a viable candidate for the Presidential Election in 2020. Again, all the time spent on Trump the Terrible, why not find and promote a quality candidate for the Oval Office.

I know this means they would have had to work on what’s best for America, not the Democratic Party’s agenda. However, with President Trump being, well, “The Don” and the liberal media in your back pocket, this would have been a much better approach. And no, a quality candidate is not the Bumbling Joe Biden, Beyond Eccentric Elizabeth Warren, Uncle Goofy Bernie Sanders, or any of the current band of misfits.

I’m so tired of watching all the idiots in Washington and the current Inquisition. The Democratic Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, is the head ax grinder of the proceedings. He exemplifies everything that is wrong with Washington politics. He would never allow due process for any Republican, let alone President Trump. I don’t know who is more repulsive, Mr. Schiff or Speaker Pelosi.

I am sick of hearing the words whistleblower and quid pro quo. Every time I hear these words, it makes me want to grab my silencing earmuffs for shooting. Besides, whistleblower is just another word for snitch or informant, depending on if the individual is working with you or against you. If you have the knowledge and conviction to blow the whistle, you should have the voice of personal responsibility to put your name next to the accusation. As far as quid pro quo, if I had the power, Eric Church talks about in his Country hit “Kill a Word,” this word would be my choice. Wait a second, maybe that’s three words. I think it’s Latin for Get rid of Trump.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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