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Two Decades of Helping You Find the Guy

As most of you who read my column regularly know — I love to use musical references and lyrics occasionally. As we have quietly been celebrating our 20th year of publishing the Webb Weekly, The Steve Miller Band seemed to hit it right on the nose with the words — time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. I am sure many of you will now have those words and the song “Fly Like an Eagle” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

This past week was no exception to this thought as my staff and I were preparing our 20th Fall Home Improvement Guide. It doesn’t even require a calendar anymore; after two decades, I know fall has arrived or will soon be on the doorstep when I hear Editor Steph say the words Fall HI. As I have trouble paying attention for very long, it immediately gets me thinking about hunting season, the Mummer’s Parade, Halloween, and all the great happenings of the autumn season.

On the sports side of things, it means the MLB playoffs will soon begin, as well as football getting into full swing with great matchups as they have now worked their way through the beginning schedule, which is usually full of cupcakes providing sure wins.

I love the fall season, filling up our Halloween candy dish as you walk into our office and placing Bones the Skeleton back at his desk for a few weeks as a greeter. This also signals that our Halloween Counting Kids Contest and Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Autumn tradition will soon be putting a smile on my face. I will have more about both in the near future. And yes, I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself thinking about decorating for Halloween.

As most of you know, the staying focused and on topic problem often carries right on into my weekly writings. I’m going to refocus and get back to our 20 years of Fall Home Improvement Guides.

It has been my and my staff’s pleasure to work with so many wonderful, salt-of-the-earth folks over the years to bring you the Fall HI Guide that covers pretty much anything you need when it comes to your living space.

There has never been a time in American history when there has been a need for more of these professionals. Those willing, ready, and able to work hard and answer the alarm clock every day. We need the younger generations to become educated and begin careers with great earning potential in vocational services. Going back to time slipping into the future, that is what has happened with a lot of our local folks who do this work and provide these services; they have just gotten older and retired or need help.

As the cover of our Fall HI Guide says, there are over 100 professionals ready to help you with everything from carpet and flooring to paint and primer to plumbers and contractors and so much more. We take great pride in providing you with this guide. Most advertise within our pages throughout the year, and we are honored they trust our publication to promote their livelihood.

We understand how important it is to support our local home repair and improvement business community; this provides a strong financial foundation for the area economy. It is money that finds its way right back to other local businesses.

So, whether you have a project that needs to be done or maybe would like to add a deck or a pool in the backyard, I know a guy that can be found in the Fall HI. You may even find something that you haven’t even thought of yet or can possibly make your life easier. May I suggest cordless battery-powered lawn and garden equipment? No gas required; just take the battery from the charger, snap it in, and get to work. If only electric cars worked this well and efficiently.

A tip of my Webb Weekly hard hat with the American Flag on the side to all those special folks who help make your house a home when something gets broken or needs a little fixing or updating. They also help keep your spouse off your back. A little advice: if you’re a man, always differ on color, style, and type of fixtures or appliances on all home improvement projects. Trust me, I’ve learned this lesson.

In closing things out this week, another tip of the cap with the American Flag on the side to our neighborhood postal carriers. It’s a big job delivering 58,000 Webb Weeklys, especially this week when it’s nearly 100 pages per copy. That’s some heavy lifting.

Please, whether it is your local contractor or your neighborhood postman, a little kindness goes a long way. Most often, any problems occurring are directly a result of the world we live in and a shortage in the workforce. Let’s all be safe out there.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb