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Into the Shark Tank and Then Straight to China

My column was to follow up where I left off last week with “Always Question Science, Medicine, and Government.” It was to cover the complete fleecing of America by the long-serving elected in Washington. That will have to wait until next week. You’ll be shocked by the multi-millionaires that have grown at the trough of the American taxpayer.

A pungent example of this very greed, narcissism, and above reproach surfaced on the top of the water this past week. Before I get to billionaire Mark Cuban, let’s take a look at excerpts from last week to lead you in. Please remember all previous columns within the Webb Weekly are archived on our website.

“Anyone serving in Washington for more than two terms in any capacity is part of the problem. This beast, which has been created in Washington, is controlled by the largest corporations in the world and the billionaires that own them. What is occurring has nothing to do with political affiliation; it has become a long-term peaceful takeover of our Nation.

“Anyone that thinks our federal government is working for the good of the people and deserves our trust is only saying that because they are benefiting from a corrupt system.

“This world order of capitalistic vampires wants much more than your money. They want the soul of your constitutional freedom. They want to feed on our Nation as long as possible. They don’t care about the consequence.”

So, for those of you that might have missed it. Billionaire business entrepreneur Cuban, made famous by the show “Shark Tank” and his ownership of the Dallas Mavericks, declared he would not play the National Anthem prior to his team’s games.

This beyond self-indulgent individual who was raised in Pennsylvania, and has made his wealth under the cover of the American Flag, believes he is enlightened to the point where our star-spangled banner is insignificant. It goes without saying he’s convinced he is untouchable at whatever he chooses to do or say also.

Everything he is was made possible by the United States of America. Cuban can’t even grasp the insult this is to the men and women who serve our great Nation, many paying with their futures, or the true blessing it is to live in America. This ignorant, conceited jack-astronaut wants to put an end to honoring America by the playing of the National Anthem and saluting of the Stars and Stripes.

Enough of this already. Simply follow the money trail, and this capitalistic vampire’s approach becomes obvious. Like most billionaires, he is a global player that uses the freedom of America for his protection. The growth of many of his corporations, including the Mavericks, has strong global ties, especially with China.

The NBA ratings have taken a nosedive in our Country. The Championship Finals ratings this past year were the lowest in 30 years. I am not gonna get into all the reasons why only to say the fact that he doesn’t want to play the National Anthem says all you need to know. The NBA’s fastest-growing market is currently within the borders of China.

Here is what he’s missing. Americans are fed up with the Mark Cubans of the world. Without Americans watching, attending games, buying merchandise, and supporting the NBA, let’s see how long it takes to sink to the bottom of the shark tank.

I can’t imagine in Dallas, Texas, home of America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys; you have someone who believes he can get away with sticking his middle fingers up at Americans that love God, Country, and Family.

Let me spell it out for all you billionaire owners, millionaire players, and those that run every major sports league. There are clear and present reasons why players should stand and respect the National Anthem and the American Flag. Without question, it is the right thing to do. You are making a lot of money playing a game, in the land of the free. Show some humility for just how fortunate you are. By doing so, you honor those that provided the very freedom that allows you to play a game. This opportunity is provided by the United States Armed Forces, which is made up of individuals from every walk of life.

If the spineless owners and management of professional leagues don’t want to tell them the other reason why I will. You people are on the clock. You are at work. You must do what your employer expects of you. If you don’t like it, find another job. Where during one of the most visible points of any employment, can you hold a protest and express your political beliefs? I hold the Mark Cubans of the world responsible for allowing this to go on. Can you imagine if the workers at one of his global sweatshops wanted to hold a protest while the time clock was running? Absolutely despicable, Mr. Cuban.

I think is would be in everyone’s best interest for Mr. Cuban to move his franchise to Shanghai. Let him, along with his players, live within the walls of China. This goes for any organization that doesn’t want to respect America — there’s the door, don’t let it hit you on the way out.

In closing, the NBA did step in and overrule Cuban’s decision not to play the National Anthem prior to games. This too late to save Mr. Cuban from revealing who he really is.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Jody Scott
    March 8, 2021, 11:10 am

    Great article!!