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If You Have to Go – They Have to Go!

Ladies, get signed up! In case you missed it last week, because of my unwavering commitment to our Second Amendment rights and belief every woman out there should be able to safely shoot a firearm, I am again putting a $50 bill towards education and training for any woman who is interested. The first 50 registered will get going right away.

In a related item that just reiterates why I am such a strong believer in Penn College, the good folks at Penn College will be working with Tripoli’s Triggers and Mr. Frank Tripoli to offer classes on handling and firing a pistol. I believe this makes the Pennsylvania College of Technology the first institute of higher learning to do such.

This is absolutely huge in the liberal quagmire that is supposed to be higher learning being spewed on the youth of today. For Penn College to step up and fire away in support of the Second Amendment, the education of how to use these sacred words safely and for protection of life, property and the American way, speaks volumes about Dr. Davie Jane Gilmore and the good folks running things over there on W. 3rd Street.

I will have a full story coming up on this issue that gives it the justice and appreciation it deserves.

I have been thinking about a new column each week, ‘Government Gone Wild’. Each day I am astonished how local, county, state and federal government sticks their people empowered noses into “We the People’s” business. It infuriates me.

With all the problems that could lead to the demise of our Great Nation the folks inside the beltway have made social issues job one. It’s not the Republicans or Democrats people; it’s the combined effort of both to take away freedom. The less freedom, the more empowered Washington is, the longer the fleecing of the American taxpayer continues. You will never convince me they don’t stand together for the gridlock, which empowers both. Without the radical right wing there is no liberal left wing. Commonsense American values are the belief of the moderate, who is the overwhelming majority of the Country we are blessed to call home.

Before Mr. Trump’s historic middle finger to the Grand Old Republican Party I was writing and praying Americans would unite and take our Country back. We have our chance, doesn’t matter what party you claim, your vote needs to be for America, not self-serving interest.

The social issue that the government has no business to stick their nose in, and why would they want to, is the use of the American bathroom. I don’t care if it’s public, private, at a stadium, or restaurant. Neither political party has any right to get involved. Stay out – occupied. They want to legislate who goes to what gender identified restroom. Next it will be when, why, and you need to drink more water.

The American people are more than smart enough to take care of the use of these private facilities on their own. I can’t even believe I’m writing this. What an absolute bunch of excrement and not from a person.

We will be just fine figuring it out. To those in the Tar Heel State and D.C. – parents will protect children and educate them on today’s world. If they don’t, the parents need to wear it, you can’t live with the idea that the government will raise and protect your kiddies. Well unless if you think Bernie Sanders and socialism is the way to go. If you think transgender may cause confusion, give me a break. Find something more important to waste your worry on.

To target the transgender, gay, lesbian or anyone over bathroom usage is absolutely ridiculous. They aren’t pedophiles, perverts or dangerous to the use of a public toilet.

Although some may live a different lifestyle and have a different sexual orientation it’s the Jerry Sanduskys or fallen priests we need to be most concerned about.
See, it’s common sense. Those who hide evil in the shadows are the most dangerous in a free society. Those that use the freedom we are all blessed with by the Constitution and live however they want never bother me. If they do I become a hypocrite of the very freedom I’m blessed with.

If you don’t buy that, I feel for you. But how about this – who would get your attention more in the bathroom? A man dressed as a woman standing at the urinal or Mr. Sandusky prior to his evil being revealed? Exactly. So as the Olympian formerly known as Bruce Jenner exits the bathroom – Mr. Sandusky All American Coach, is creeping on your child. In everyday life it is up to you and I to protect and look out for each other, not the federal government.

Mrs. Obama wants the Fed to define what we eat, Mr. Obama has made it clear healthcare is to be viewed as a right for all not a privilege to pay for and now they want to tell you where to urinate. If you can’t see what happens here I feel for you.

Can you imagine the time and money of the American taxpayer spent on this hogwash?

As for the American bathroom, restroom, lavatory, whatever you want to call it, Americans from all walks of life share the facilities each and every day. Think about your office or all the times publicly the sign has a man/woman. The bathroom is gender irrelevant. Anyone who needs to go is more than welcome to use our Webb Weekly, one toilet and a sink, room of necessity. Just lift and lower the seat if applicable, flush and wash your hands please.

Please do not judge people by appearance. Apply the golden rule. If they prove otherwise adjust from there. Do not fall into the trap that everyone should look a certain way, act a certain way and have the same beliefs as you. Freedom is a balance of all.

Every Day Player

Tip of my Lancers ball cap to Mr. Bill “Billy” Holmes. For 34 years he has roamed the grounds and hallways for the Loyalsock School District. His primary objective? To make sure the athletic fields were in tiptop shape for the student athletes and coaches. You know his responsibilities ran a little deeper than that, but being a former player and coach while Billy was on the job that’s what was important to me.

You will not find a better person than Bill. He is kind, caring and hard-working. It’s not how will the job be done, it’s simply when. The Township taxpayers have gotten far more than their money’s worth from Mr. Holmes. He is a great manager of his people and the assets of the Loyalsock Township School District. He has been a great mentor to the younger folks that are students or graduates of Loyalsock who have worked on the grounds during the summer.

To me he is just a good friend that quietly has provided the best athletic fields that can be found for those who wear Maroon and White.

Before Ken Robbins Stadium got an artificial turf makeover there was Billy and his gang providing the greenest, softest and most beautiful under the Friday Night Lights field you ever set eyes on. Even though he constantly fought drainage issues.

I have seen and walked on more baseball diamonds across our great state than Mr. Obama tells lies. The finest field can be found right in the Township.

Billy has treated it like his own since day one. No weeds, no puddles and no worries if you dive for a ball in the outfield. That soft green pillow will cushion your diamond gem. It always has that beautiful mowed pattern as seen on TV come game day. This is not by accident; I’ve seen Billy out there on Sunday tarping and taking care of his baby.

Bill approaches every aspect of his job this way. You get his best. After 34 years he’s hung up the cleats and said goodbye.

Thank you my friend from every Lancer that has been blessed by your hard work, dedication, love of job and caring about us. I wish you and the wife the best. I also have a couple fields for your caring, if interested.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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