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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There is so much good going on in our area to celebrate the Christmas season, get out and enjoy! Most of the activities and events can be found right here in the pages of the Webb Weekly. I am proud of the place we call home. We take care of our own especially during the holiday season; so many are focused on helping others.

The great work our local Marines do with the Toys for Tots program, the Central PA Food Bank and providing holiday cheer for so many, the ‘workship’ that goes on in our local churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus through music and children’s plays and at the same time help whoever needs a helping hand. To me that is the greatest way to celebrate the holiday named for our Savior. Get out and do something to help your fellow man.

While you are out doing your holiday prep, throw a buck in the Salvation Army bucket, purchase a toy for Toys for Tots, buy a coat and winter hat for someone in need. Just open your eyes and look around at all the good happenings and be a part of the true Christmas spirit.

Go visit that older family member or neighbor. Help out at Saint Anthony’s Center or the community center in your neighborhood. Ask the leader of your church who needs help? What can I do? Most of these answers can be found in your weekly bulletin.

Enjoy the joyful spirit of the children. Make time to attend a local event even if you have no child or grandchild participating. Teach the young folks the true meaning of the season. Please don’t get caught up in self and the annual commercialization of Christmas. Point this out to those believing in Santa. Make the time to share these special years in their young lives. While they are waiting for the big guy to come down the chimney make sure they know Jesus is the reason for the season.

What our Country needs today is the love found through celebrating Jesus as our Savior. The love, compassion and respect for our fellow man is not just exhibited during the Christmas season but all year long.

One of those local events is the Salvation Army’s annual Festival of Trees. The Lycoming Mall provides the space to view the work of area business folks. Mike Roan then auctions off the trees they have spent so much time decorating. The highest bidder not only gets the tree but the presents found on the tree.

Thanks to Kristy and her daughter Juliana for making the Webb Weekly tree our best offering ever complete with $600 of gift certificates for dining out.

You all know I’m a food pusher. I love to feed anyone and everyone and don’t take no for an answer. So this seemed like a perfect theme for this year. So thank you to those helping to bring out my true Italian heritage and the love of sharing great food. There is $100 gift certificate from each of the following eateries.

Joe’s Pizza and the Maiorana family. Although Sal has left us, his sons continue the family’s love of food pushing. Dave’s shop on Northway Road is one of my family’s favorite stops. I know they have exceptional subs, pizza and wings. Try the Rueben; it is one of the best in town! Trust me; I know it’s an Italian joint. Hunter’s favorite is the buffalo chicken pizza.

Ichiban – Owners Ken and Candy Zheng provide that Japanese steakhouse feel with a family touch and hospitality. I especially like the lunch menu. The boys’ fav are the kani pockets and the hibachi salmon. If you haven’t experience a hibachi side dining it’s a must!

The Villa – my good friend Mr. Don Crouse and his staff are experts on great service and getting your meal out fast. They leave just enough time for bread and peppers. Michelle says go with the tips and mushrooms. Their broiled haddock is hard to beat. Jimmy likes the gnocchis and sausage, Hunter goes with the ravs. It’s all good, it is also a great place for large parties or banquets.

Ozzie and Mae’s – I try to mix up my love of food pushing with different ethnic flavors. I’ve been fortunate to know both Mae and Ozzie for years. They provide great flavor from south of the border! Start with their guacamole and mix it up with their salsa. The boys go with tacos, I go fajitas and Michelle says chicken tequitos. You make the call, you can’t go wrong.

The Sticky Elbow – Ken, Candy and Jason Mattie coming together for unique cuisine and the love of being different. Bison, elk and different menu choices are a change from the ordinary. Steph says you have to try the meatloaf. It’s wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mac & cheese! I’m a creature of habit and usually choose a steak, they are outstanding. They have great drink choices which include infused spirits and seasonal choices. Try something different! Great night out for you and someone special.

The Kast Hotel – Kevin Pequignot and his family have done a great job with one of the historic eateries of our area. I have my own table in the corner for lunch meetings. What’s good? Everything! My favorites are the chicken quesadillas and the Portabella and Swiss burger. Hunter goes for the Mile High Nachos and ribs. If you haven’t been there lately it’s a must eat and did I mention it’s cheap? And no, that’s not why I have my own table.

Thank you to all for supporting the Salvation Army through the Festival of Trees. Get out and vote for your favorite tree and then bid to win! If Mike Roan smacks the gavel and you take home the Webb Weekly tree invite me along. I would love to break bread with you and I’ll even pick up the tab.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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