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Finally February and Some Football Fever

Well, I’ve got some great news for everybody. The calendar reads February, and whether the groundhog saw his shadow or not, by the end of the month, we will have about an hour more of daylight. The 1st day of March represents the beginning of Spring to many, which is another added bonus. I am one of those folks; at this point of winter, I can see the finish line, even with February throwing an extra day at us this year.

Here is some other great news that should bring a smile to your face, as I’m penning this, it looks like we finally have some sunshine in the forecast and for several days in a row. Wow, do we all need this; it’s been a little gloomy around here for a long time. Hopefully, those magical rays cheer everybody up and help everyone find some positivity. I can’t remember the last time we had a weekend with two bright sunny days or two consecutive days in general. This type of weather, combined with everything going on around our Nation and world, takes its toll on folks.

Here’s some more positivity: by the time you’re reading this, pitchers and catchers have begun reporting for Spring Training. I always use this as a bookmark that we have winter on the run. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have beautiful weather for the start of the local college and high school baseball season.

I must add this to follow that statement. It seems to me the seasons run about a month later than they used to, and this is from start to finish. Let’s hope I’m wrong this year. I would much rather wear shorts and a pullover than a parka and winter boots. The one thing I do know is that if the snow flies, it won’t last long.

Another sure sign that Spring is just around the corner is they’re finally playing The Super Bowl. If the NFL keeps moving the big game later, it will soon take us right up to March Madness basketball. Again, being positive, I think we’re all used to a February Super Bowl, and it does get us that much closer to the first day of Spring.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Editor Steph did a great job with her column, featuring so many local predictions that I think it takes up half the paper. Thank you to everyone who participated. There is no wagering involved in this in any manner. Just bragging rights for those or the individual that hit it right on the nose. It is a lot of fun for me as I get to talk to so many about football. I love my job. Big bucks last week, football this week, now all I need is a little of that sunshine.

I think I’ll give you my prediction of positivity right now. The Steelers defeat the Eagles 24-21 on a late field goal by a kicker not yet born. That’s the Super Bowl I’ve wanted to see for decades: Steel Town and Primanti Brothers, Versus Philly and their style of cheesesteaks. I’ve never been a big fan of the cheese whiz. I am a fan of the Eagles, however, when they’re not playing the Steelers.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the Keystone State Super Bowl happening in the near future. I think both teams have a little work to do before getting there again, let alone at the same time.

Back to my prediction of positivity, I will stick with my not-yet-born kicker. The positivity will be that he is the son of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass, who went wide right yet again to end another Bills’ season. The kicker of the future will provide the winning 3 points for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tyler and his son will embrace at the 50-yard line as the Black and Gold confetti falls around them.

My football positivity for the amazing fans of Buffalo is that you will win a Super Bowl before this happens. And this year’s goat, Tyler Bass, will provide the winning margin.
With all that being said, you will have to read Steph’s article to get my Mr. Insignificant, Brock Purdy’s, San Francisco 49ers VS Future Hall-of-Famer, Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs prediction. I will be football-serious and not mention Taylor Swift. However, a couple of thoughts. I would much rather see her, especially when the cutaways include Eagles’ center Jason Kelce and his beer-guzzling shirtless dad bod, than players lining up for an extra point. Now that’s entertainment. Not to mention, there’s a lot of downtime in football. It’s much better TV than maybe a couple of Bill’s fans with their shovels sitting in the snow. I mean, how much of that do you really want to see?

There’s just way too much being made over Travis and Taylor’s relationship. Staying positive, I hope they really love each other, and maybe that not-yet-born Super Bowl MVP is their son.

Please drink and bet responsibly and enjoy Super Bowl LVIII.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb