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Twenty Years in the Books and Moving Right Along

Twenty Years in the Books and Moving Right Along

It is great to see my Dad’s picture back on page 2. Beginning with his words “Hello Lycoming County,” the Webb Weekly was launched two decades ago this week. As I read his first column below and looked through the issues from over the years, it brought back a lot of memories. Many made me smile, laugh, or very proud of what has been accomplished by so many over the years. Some made me appreciate how much the publication has improved, and a few made me think about those that have left us over the years and how important all have been to this journey.

I remember it like it was yesterday when my Father and I first discussed the business plan for what has become the Webb Weekly. If you missed it on the cover, Webb Communications featuring Super Bowl 37 was what it looked like coming out of the gate. I must say we’ve come a long way since then.

My Dad was with us for nearly the first decade of the publication until he left us on October 25, 2012. It is hard to believe he has been gone that long. There are still mornings as I’m waking up; the thought of having coffee or asking him a question or maybe filling him in on something his grandsons did are in my subconscious. I’m sure those of you that have lost a parent or loved one understand and experienced the same thing.

I have some advice for folks at this point; we are all day to day, make sure you take the time to have that cup of coffee, conversation, or spend time with a loved one.

You never know when your time or theirs may be up. My Father and I’s relationship was far from perfect, and we often did not agree. I’m sure many of you that work within a family business understand it’s not always easy combining business and family. The truth is family-owned and operated businesses are very challenging and getting tougher each and every day due to the world we live in. Please, do not allow what happens at work to affect your family.

I’m so very blessed that my Father and I had time as he grew older to appreciate what we meant to each other. I must add here I am grateful for my stepmother, Carol, for providing motherly love and being a buffer between my Dad and me. She always tried to keep things in perspective and did her best to keep business discussions away from the family table.

As I read my Dad’s first column, it is amazing how true we have stayed to the vision of what our publication should be about. I see why so many people tell me my Father and I write very similarly. I never set out to be a writer, and I take this as a great compliment.

The Webb Weekly of today now goes to 58,000 homes which includes the edges of bordering counties. The publication, along with all our advertisers, can be found at; this includes archives of the past and present, as well as the obituaries for those that left us. I’m sure my Dad would appreciate this. And along the way, we use social media to promote the businesses that advertise within our pages as well as the publication and what’s going on at Webb Weekly. And, of course, all of this at no charge to the reader.

I would love to get Dad’s take on Webb Weekly Live and our broadcasting of local sporting events. I am positive if he was here, his voice would be heard calling the games. He was passionate about sports.

In closing things out, a heartfelt thank you to you, the reader, for welcoming us into your home every week. It is through your support of the publication and our advertisers that make it all possible. There has never been a more important time in American history to buy from local businesses and support your local economy.

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap to all our advertising clients. Many have been with us since the very beginning. My staff and I will always give you our best. We are honored by your trust and for choosing us to promote your business.

And most importantly, I thank God for the blessings of my family, staff, and all that have contributed. They have truly made it all possible. If you have anything you would like to see in the paper or would like to talk about, my contact information is always on page 4.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb