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So, You Say You Want to be a Supreme Court Justice…

There’s just no easing into this cesspool, so I may as well jump right in. I cannot believe what I witnessed last Thursday as I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged sexual misconduct that occurred 36 years ago. As I penned this article, I was waiting for the Judiciary Committee to vote and move Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination on to the Senate for confirmation.

First, let me say I hope accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford finds the peace she is looking for. I believe that something terrible happened to her many decades ago, and in her mind, she was legitimately doing the right thing coming forward. As Professor Ford stated, she wanted this information to be kept private, but to be heard before Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for the seat on the Supreme Court. She became victimized a second time by how Senator Diane Feinstein exploited her in the name of political agenda. I pray she finds peace, and that this has not made matters worse for her.

What an absolutely disgraceful spectacle the liberal Democrats created. The American judicial system be damned. Forget about the statute of limitations. Forget about due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Their well-thought-out plan was simple, to prevent the open bench within the Supreme Court from being filled during President Trump’s tenure, and to sucker punch the Republican Party prior to the midterm elections. They had no regard for Professor Ford or, obviously, Judge Kavanaugh. Senator Feinstein and her cronies would stop at nothing to destroy Mr. Kavanaugh. When are the everyday, hard-working Democrats that make up the majority of their party going to rise up and take their party back?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh proved by his testimony that he is exactly the right choice for the Supreme Court. It’s a darn shame what Mr. Kavanaugh and his family are being put through for his willingness to serve our Country. It’s inexcusable. Those responsible should be held accountable.

Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement was more about what’s right and wrong in our Nation, than him wanting the job as Supreme Court Justice. He is a man who has spent a lifetime trying to do everything right by the rules. He lives by the priorities of God, Family, Country. In the last two weeks, he’s witnessed his family’s name disgraced in the court of public opinion by unproven accusations. Mr. Kavanaugh was well spoken, passionate, emotional, and angry. He had no problem addressing every issue. He also had no problem calling out those that had made a sham and a debacle of the process of appointing a Supreme Court Justice in the name of political gain.

I couldn’t believe the Democratic senators in attendance were shocked by his response. They then came back after a short recess with a “how dare he respond that way” attitude. What else would you expect from a man that is fighting out of the corner for his life? I recommend every American Google and watch the opening statements from the Senate Judiciary hearings.

Now, all that being said, let’s move on to some facts. The four individuals Professor Ford said would corroborate her story would not. All provided legally binding statements that they had no knowledge of this event. Or of any accusation against Mr. Kavanaugh.

The Democratic senators calling for an FBI investigation is nothing but a last-ditch attempt to continue their madness. They already held their kangaroo court and had an opportunity to ask each person any question they wanted. Judge Kavanaugh had previously passed six FBI background checks and has held the highest security clearance in our Country. An FBI investigation is for nothing else but to provide information; it is not binding. While you are using Google, look up former Vice President Joe Biden’s view on this issue.

As far as Diane Feinstein, when is the State of California going to wise up? Her politically-driven agenda is horrendous. During her time as senator, the state is over $300 billion in the hole. Most alarming to me is the division she creates by pitting whoever she can against each other to accomplish her goals. Senator Feinstein reached an all-time low by lying to and using, Professor Ford, an obviously troubled victim for political gain.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the age of Christine Blasey Ford – 15, and Brett Kavanaugh – 17 when the alleged encounter took place. As we learned, it was never reported to law enforcement or anyone in an official capacity. I understand the sensitive nature of sexual abuse in our Nation today and want no one to ever go through it. However, we’ve gone way beyond a slippery slope when something that happened between two teenage individuals becomes the focal point of a Senate Judiciary hearing 36 years later. Even scarier is the fact that many Democrats, and those that show media bias to the party, wanted the man hung before his voice was even heard. He was guilty simply because he’s a man.

This far exceeds political affiliation and crosses over into the abyss. If this is what we allow our Nation to become we are doomed. The mainstream media has no problem watching our Nation burn; it will make them a great story. They have proven that. I appeal to every lady out there to imagine if that was your father, brother, husband or son put in this position, how would you feel?

We must return to our One Nation Under God governed by the laws of our land. The division created by the far Liberal left over whatever the socially charged issue of the day is will destroy us. Common sense and judgment cannot be replaced simply by feelings and emotion. We must stand together to solve problems and create a better America.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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