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Surf, Sand and Baseball

It’s great to be back on page 2 as we close out July. Thank you to Editor Steph and my entire staff for the great job they do. This allows me to get away here and there and enjoy this amazing Nation we live in.

One of the topics Steph hit upon last week was Jim and Bonnie Winder’s induction into the National Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. What a great honor for an amazing couple that has given so much to local baseball. I used to get away much more this time of year as my sons were competing for West End Babe Ruth. My family got to visit parts of the Nation we would never have seen if it wasn’t for the efforts of so many good people that have made West End Baseball one of the most competitive leagues in the Nation. I am proud to say both Jimmy and Hunter made it to the World Series wearing the red and black.

The league and the folks there volunteering their time helped in the baseball development of, and contributed to, making both boys the players they became. Even more important, they both made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. It is a special thing to be part of the West End baseball family. I would also like to congratulate Dale Diermyer and Mark Rogers, who joined many other fellow West Enders in the Pennsylvania Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. Both have over twenty-five years of service within the league. I would be remiss here if I didn’t give a tip of my Salt Lake City World Series cap to George Lepley, who managed both my sons to World Series. George is also a member of the PA Hall of Fame.

My baseball wish for the entire West End family, especially Jim and Bonnie, is to finally win a Babe Ruth World Series Championship.

Anytime you are still playing baseball or softball at the end of July, you’ve had an unbelievable season. We have many teams still competing within Little League Baseball’s programs, trying to win that very last game of the season and have that celebratory dog pile.

Keystone has built quite a tradition when it comes to Little League Baseball. At press time, they still had three teams playing, including their representative in the major division, which is trying to win their way to Williamsport.

Montoursville junior baseball is competing in the Pennsylvania State Tournament after defeating Lewisburg for the Section 3 Championship.

Jersey Shore minor softball also cashed in on a Section 3 Championship and is competing in the state tournament.

Williamsport Area softball defeated Clinton in the 9–11-year-old division for the District Championship and is headed to Sectionals.

Last but definitely not least, a tip of my Webb Weekly hat with the American Flag on the side to the Warrior Run senior baseball program, which won the Little League State Championship and has reached the winner bracket final, in Bangor, Maine in the Senior Regional Tournament. Go get ’em, boys!

I wish all the teams good luck, good health, and to enjoy the journey. You are making memories that will last a lifetime. We will be keeping our eyes on all, hoping someone or several win their way onto the cover of the Webb Weekly.

I am going to finish my column this week, where I began. There is so much to be seen, viewed, and explored in our great Nation. We truly live in a remarkable land. I have never been one that wanted to travel abroad or see all the world has to offer. If that’s your cup of tea, that’s great, and I completely understand. I like my feet planted firmly on American soil and hope I have time to see everything I would like to, from sea to shining sea.

Michelle and I spent our vacation last week between Ocean City and Cape May. Ocean City has been a family tradition since I was old enough to walk; this carried right on through with my sons and, hopefully someday, to my grandchildren.

The Atlantic surf and having my feet in the sand along the south Jersey Shore refreshes my soul. The pure beauty of God’s blue-covered Earth as it meets the horizon is amazing. The sights and sounds of early morning on the beach as the sun rises is a true gift. I’m sure as you’re reading this, you can think of a special place where you can find this serenity and peace with nature. This just happens to be mine.

With all that being said, there’s nothing more beautiful to me than arriving back home. The rolling green mountains that line our valley, with the river tucked right up against them on the South side. This is truly a special place on God’s green Earth.

With all that’s going on in the world around us, I suggest you just take a breath, clear your mind, then find your happy place. It may be on the top of Bald Eagle Mountain; it may be that rip to the shore. It may be a combination of both. I also suggest a little prayer time of appreciation and reflection.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb