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What is fact and the truth is under attack in our great nation.

What is fact and the truth is under attack in our great nation. The instant media coverage, everyone having a cell phone to stream video and opinion, and the assumption that what we are being told by the media and government is investigated fact and in reality is just opinion. This adds up to the scenario that one is guilty until proven innocent. What has happened in Ferguson, Missouri is an example of this.

Darren Wilson is a six year veteran of the Ferguson police force. He is a well respected, dedicated and decorated member of that town’s law enforcement. The job of being in law enforcement is being made almost impossible in today’s world. The criminal element is on the rise, community support is on the decline, and political pressure makes the lines of battle sometimes unclear. Oh and let’s not forget about the media. They don’t want to report about a police officer doing his job and making an arrest. They want the “story” about the bad cop who had it out for someone.

Officer Wilson did not set out that fateful day to harm anyone, just the opposite, he reported to duty to make the streets safer. He encounters a non-cooperative individual that by current report attacked him and beat him nearly unconscious. Within an instant he had to make the decision to draw and fire his weapon.

Whether or not he used excessive force or something else occurred is under investigation. If this did happen he should be held accountable. The actions of Michael Brown, a large, strong, young black man who was not going to follow instruction and attacked Officer Wilson created the confrontation. Did I mention he had robbed a convenience store prior to the altercation? Before anyone knew the facts of what happened the media converged upon the city and began the liberal slant that a white policeman shot and killed an unarmed black man for no apparent reason. The black community of Ferguson already in an up rise broke into a full-scale riot. Come on now, a keeper of the law, in daylight hours, for no reason other than racial indifference killed Mr. Brown in the middle of the street. Listen to what they want us to believe.

As for the rioting, ask yourself in how many communities does an innocent person become the victim of a violent crime, their life cut short by a criminal? There is not rioting only the victim’s family, friends and community waiting for due process to take its course and hopefully justice. What happened in Ferguson that day provided a reason and excuse for the criminal element to riot, steal and loot their own community. Not in the name of Michael Brown but in the name of their own personal gain and lawlessness. Who in their right mind can think that these people gave a darn about anyone or anything in their community?

Of course, after viewing what happened, the Reverend Al Sharpton was quick to comment and did not hesitate to travel to Ferguson. He called for immediate action and prosecution of Officer Wilson. So much for that presumed innocent until proven guilty thing. As you would expect from the Reverend he was quick to play the “race card”. It was obvious to him this was an innocent black man gunned down by a white overzealous cop. This only gave further reason for the looting and rioting in the name of a civil protest.

Reverend Sharpton you are a disgraceful example of a leader of Black Americans. How about a call for patience and understanding while the facts are sorted out? Maybe make the point how our country has come such a long way and we will follow the letter of the law and make sure there is justice of any wrongdoing that has occurred; without violence and rioting. Nah, why do that? The truth of the matter is Al Sharpton promotes racial divide. He is not about right or wrong, he is a promoter of racist ideas that inflame and create social unrest.

The opportunities a person of color has today are unending. The American people elected a biracial president. The job market is wide open for anyone. College scholarships and grant money is more readily available. Whatever the path of choice there is great support available to help.

There will always be bigoted people in our country but they are present in all races. But Reverend Sharpton, you are creating hatred in your own people and providing them excuses not to succeed, grow and reach their potential. I understand why, because without racial unrest and problems, you and folks like the Reverend Jesse Jackson become unneeded and insignificant. I would love to hear the words, accountability and take advantage of today’s opportunities, come out of your mouth.

As things spiraled out of control President Obama had the power to call for a stop of the senseless rioting and looting and call for common sense. As our first bi-racial president you could have been a strong and positive leader, stepped up and told the black community of Ferguson their behavior was unacceptable. The violence and criminal actions would solve nothing. Nope, that wasn’t going to happen. President Obama was not going to betray the Reverends Sharpton, Jackson and others committed to the persecution of Officer Wilson without the facts. Nor would he support local law enforcement and the chain of command.

Mr. President, if you want to help black Americans your message should be, we are beyond the point in American history where this behavior is tolerable. Represent those who fought for equality and dignity in the right way. Take advantage of today’s world and the choices you are blessed with. Instead he sent Attorney General Eric Holder to Missouri to make sure Officer Wilson was held accountable for his action and passed the buck.

Racism today is the liberal idea that not only black Americans but all Americans need their help. That people cannot become independent and self-sufficient without the help and support of our government. Americans can become whatever they want to be. If they can dream it, they can be it. The only thing that holds many back is their entrapment into welfare and government dependency, bad choices and an inability to change. Many families are caught up in this system from generation to generation.
The black leaders of today need to preach this. Stop with the race card. Opportunity, self-sufficiency, and accountability. This covers all Americans no matter their color, race or religion. The liberal thinking and enabling must end.

It is this thinking in action which has allowed Ferguson Missouri to become what it has become. We need to be One Nation under God with liberty and justice for All. God Bless America

Jim Webb

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