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I Like Big Bucks

I Like Big Bucks

As September comes to an end, it can mean only one thing in our little neck of Penn’s Woods, the beginning of the hunting season. And yes, my title is a play on the Sir Mix a Lot hit, “Baby Got Back.”

I have already heard from many of you and witnessed for myself some of the unbelievable trophy bucks that are roaming the area. As always, I hope I see them entered in our Webb Weekly Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest, not taken by the front bumper of a vehicle. This holds especially true on Grampian Boulevard and Four Mile Drive, where I believe the warning signs about deer crossings for drivers are being completely misinterpreted by the whitetail species. I cannot believe the number of deer I witness crossing this stretch between Market Street and Warrensville Road.

I guess this is where I should warn drivers about the increased activity during the fall and remind them that our whole state is cut out of its habitat. So, please, as I covered last week, pay attention, and give all our 4-legged creatures a brake.

Before I get to the details of our 15th Annual Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest, a tip of my Webb Weekly blaze orange hunting hat complete with the American Flag on the side to Wes Sones. Wes did a tremendous job not only with the cover but with a story about getting ready for the upcoming season that can be found on page 6, right above the complete details about the buck contest. Wes and his family are avid rabbit hunters, complete with beagles, and great lovers of the outdoors. I’m very proud of Wes, whose official title is production and graphic design, and his continued growth and contributions to our publication.

I would love to see someone top Matt Lingle’s monster winner from last year. Please remember a trophy is in the eyes and hands of the holder; all bucks are accepted into our Uncle Ron’s Monster Buck Contest. You are also helping fight the battle against multiple sclerosis as a donation is made on behalf of each hunter that takes the time to enter. The Uncle Ron’s naming of the contest represents my Uncle Ron Maietta, and avid outdoorsman who battled MS a good portion of his life, and Webb Weekly’s Ron Mingle, whose wife Steph deals with the disease each and every day. Ron has always been the keeper of the contest. His daughter Alys now assists him since Ron’s retired from his everyday duties.

So, here’s how you go about entering. After you legally harvest that trophy whitetail and have the work end of the hunt done, simply take your buck to Poust Taxidermy or Sauers Trading and have the initial rough scoring done. That gets you registered and on the books for a final official scoring opportunity if your antlers qualify. The contest runs through the second seasons of archery/muzzleloader in 2023.

The winner receives a shoulder mount courtesy of Poust Taxidermy, who I’m proud to say has been with us since the beginning of the contest. Dana and taxidermy lady Sam do an unbelievable job. I always enjoy just stopping by the shop and checking out their work. They also take care of the official scoring, which is done by SCI standards.

Our 2nd through 4th place prize winners receive $100 of venison processing courtesy of Stoltzfus Butchers in Mill Hall. If you take care of the field dressing part, they are a full-service venison processing facility that can take care of the rest. They can turn your harvest into whatever delicious products you would like, keep it old school, or do both.

In addition to the donation on behalf of every hunter to MS, their name will also be entered into our annual drawing to win a rifle package courtesy of Sauers Trading. This is complete with all the trimmings, including ammo. Thank you to the father-son duo of John and Donnie for taking care of the business end of the contest; obviously, all state and federal guidelines must be met by the winner. Just a note, Sauers is one of my favorite stops in South Side. Great folks, and you never know what’s going to walk through the door.

If you have any questions, give me a call or text, and remember, I always enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the hunting stories; my contact information can always be found on page 4.

I wish everyone good luck and great hunting. Please remember safety always comes first, and respect the boundaries of your fellow hunters.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb