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Call Backs and Deer Racks

It was great talking with so many of you about my first column of the new year, “Let’s call it 2024.” Just a reminder, if you missed any of the past issues of Webb Weekly, they can be found archived at I should also mention for people outside of our distribution area or who like reading online, the current issue is posted every Wednesday, which is our cover date.

So, I should probably leave it alone because almost everybody I talk to understood that my writing was intended to be a fun way to kick off the New Year, with the exception of a couple of folks who were literally irate over the column. If the truth was told, they were upset about me mentioning President Biden in my writing. And I can guarantee you I couldn’t win, no matter what I said about the President.

I can assure you I didn’t mention him for any other reason than that I knew people would wonder why I didn’t include him. That’s why I waited until the end of that segment. The next thing, in case you didn’t read it, the only thing I said is, “There is nothing I find humorous about the Biden administration.” which I would hope would be taken on face value, with all that is currently going on in our Nation and around the world.

Now, here’s the thing I find most interesting: I could have substituted President Biden for Bigfoot, Bernie Sanders, or even Mother Nature, and almost everyone would have still found it funny, coupled with a futuristic twist of 2024. However, for the couple that had the problem with it, I know they would have been even more outraged. And I will leave that at that.

There were a couple of folks who suggested I should have used Donald Trump, and I found humor in this. I honestly did not because what you read was the cast of characters who came out of my head as I penned the article, not to mention Donald Trump is not our current President. I shared my thoughts with those who suggested this, what his role could have been in the story, and we had a good laugh.

I’m the most approachable guy you will ever meet. My contact information is always on page 4, including my cell phone number, which is 570-337-0755. Please, if you ever have any thoughts or ideas or just want to share something, reach out to me. My email is also there, but I usually reply much quicker to a call or text.

I understand people might not agree with me or appreciate my sense of humor. I only ask you to be respectful like you would want me to be to you, and please talk with me; do not take your opinion or frustration out on any of my staff.

As we head into our 21st year, I would like to thank you, the reader, for welcoming our publication into your home. I have often written over the years how so many of you have become like friends and extended family, even though I may have never met you in person. Thank you for your support, including buying the products and services from our advertising clients. Please let them know you saw it in the Webb Weekly.

If, for any reason, your postal carrier misses you, please let me know. Mistakes do happen as we continue to mail out about 58,000 each week, and my staff and I will make sure you get one.

In closing things out this week, here’s a last call to show me your bucks. One of my favorite contests of the year, our Uncle Ron’s Annual Monster Buck Contest, is winding down. With the second season ending January 15th, you have until January 22nd to get any buck registered that has been taken legally and within our local area this season.
Please remember our philosophy that a trophy is in the hands of the holder. Any buck harvested automatically gets you registered for a random rifle drawing courtesy of Sauers Trading; they also take care of all legalities. And for every hunter taking the time to enter, we make a donation to help battle multiple sclerosis. Full details can be found on page 43.

I can’t wait to share the winners with you in the near future. Until then, if you have a hunting story you’d like to share with me, give me a call; it’s one of the best parts of my hunting season. And remember, you can always drop by my office and show me your antlers.

Let’s all be careful out there and enjoy the outdoors in this great place we call home.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb