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Sort of a Break and an Update

I was going to say let’s take a break from politics this week. I get tired of the facts that I uncover in researching stories. Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for the heinous numbers I come across. I could not turn my head to one, however.

Jeb Bush served up a belt high fast ball for Hillary Clinton this past week. The Presidential candidates who should be disqualified by their last name alone proved why neither gets it.

Ms. Hillary hit Mr. Bush’s offering over his comments about the group Planned Parenthood out of the park. The GOP must have cringed over his comments. Right, wrong or indifferent anyone with half a brain knew they would be turned into an abortion issue and then a woman’s rights issue and then an attack on supporting women’s health care. Easy political pickings for Ms. Hillary.

Here is where they both don’t get it. The battle began with Mr. Bush taking umbrage over the $528.1 million the Federal government will give Planned Parenthood this year. Ms. Hillary then smashed him for attacking women. Mr. Bush then put his tail between his legs and apologized. Republicans and Democrats acting normal.

Democrats always on the attack, Republicans afraid to stand his or her ground.

Here is the real issue that Mr. Bush should have hit her over the head with.

Why is the Federal government in the healthcare business? And I’m not talking about those who really need a helping hand. I’m talking about $1.4 trillion the Fed plans to spend on healthcare this year alone. There is more money on the books for healthcare than to be spent on National Defense!

Yes, I realize all the healthcare expenditures that go into that number, but come on Mr. Bush and Ms. Hillary, how can we spend $1.4 trillion? And doesn’t that make what Planned Parenthood is getting sort of senseless to fight over? Of course, unless you want to end up right where you did Mr. Jeb for bringing it up.

Again, I must be missing an angle, $1.4 trillion and I pay for my employees and my healthcare and we all have a co-pay.

If my math is correct our current US population is about 320 million, divide $1.4 trillion by this number and the Federal government could give every man, woman and child in our Country $4,375 towards health care. Enough, now you see why I get frustrated researching stories!

Here is some good news to report; Cruz Cooper (story from 7/1/2015) went home from the hospital this past week. The seven-year-old who has been battling a rare form of childhood leukemia is doing better than expected. His recent bone marrow transplant has taken hold and is being monitored closely.

Unfortunately he will not be able to return to school this upcoming year due to the high risk of illness and infection brought on by his weakened immune system. Cruz still has a long way to go but things are looking much better than earlier this year.

I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and support of Cruz and his family. To all who attended his fundraiser in July and those who couldn’t make it and sent checks to Webb Weekly, a heartfelt thank you. Cruz’s family is thankful and overwhelmed by the outpouring. I cannot stress enough the power of prayer and to please keep Cruz in your thoughts.

It’s hard to believe Little League time is upon us. Get out and enjoy the Grand Slam Parade. Tip of the cap to the good folks at the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce for putting on the event. Can you believe this is the 11th Grand Slam Parade? The City of Williamsport and its manicured streets provide the perfect small-town America backdrop for the event. The wide variety of folks participating in the parade offer the world a great picture of who we are here in the Susquehanna Valley. It always warms my heart to see the interaction between the Little League teams and the parade goers. It’s special, you have to experience it.

A quick update on Chief Woapalanee, a.k.a. Chief Knockahomer, Brian Flynn and Dave Stabley are doing major reconstructive surgery. The two have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The Chief will be solid and a museum quality piece when completed and turned over to the good people at the Thomas Taber Museum. It will also be bug free and not stink up the place with the odor of rotting wood. I have been amazed by the number of phone calls, texts and emails supporting the Chief.

I am so proud to call our area home. Cruz Cooper and Chief Knockahomer are at the far ends of the spectrum when it comes to importance. But together they show me how wonderful all of you are! How much you care about your fellow man. How proud you are of our community and not afraid to volunteer and help when needed.

God bless you, together we are America!

Jim Webb

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