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A Red and Blue Nation Must Reunite As One Nation

“Some People Live an Entire Lifetime and Wonder if They Have Ever Made a Difference in the World. A Veteran Doesn’t Have that Problem.” – President Ronald Reagan

A Webb Weekly salute and sincere thank you to all our Veterans. May you have a blessed day.

If you are receiving our publication on Tuesday or early Wednesday, just a reminder about our annual Veterans Day Breakfast. We are again teaming up with Dolly’s Diner on this special day to serve our area veterans a free all-American breakfast. Thank you to the Dolly’s staff for rolling out the Red, White, and Blue carpet at all three locations. Breakfast will be served from open until noon.

As I am penning my column, we are still awaiting the final result and/or decision of who the 46th President of the United States of America will be. I have so many thoughts of which I better keep to myself. At least until the truth and the supporting facts are revealed. I trust nothing viewed, read, or heard in today’s world. I always look for the answers from more than one source. Anytime I hear “trust me” or “trust someone” the red flag goes up. This applies double to scientists, but that’s a topic for another day.

So, here are my positive thoughts in regard to the election and our Nation moving forward. What an absolutely amazing Election Day it was, not only here at home but from sea to shining sea. The record turnout was the very best way to honor every Veteran. This is exactly what every presidential election should look like. A most special opportunity that is often taken for granted that has been paid for in blood by the American soldier. The very best part of the President Trump versus challenger Joe Biden process was the voter turnout of the American people. To me, no matter who wins, this signifies hope for the future. The more new and young voters we get involved, the better. This only strengthens our Nation.

The Red, White, and Blue energy worn and conveyed by so many Americans no matter of party affiliation was greatly appreciated. Whether it was a hat, t-shirt, or button, it does my heart good on any day, but especially on election day to see our colors. It made me smile to see the pride and how much the sticker that said “I voted” meant to so many; I assume most were first-time voters.

The dedication and attention to detail displayed by our local poll workers and election officials were off the charts. They did a tremendous job of taking care of “We the People” who formed unbelievable lines at most voting precincts. It was a long day-and-night for many of these folks, and they answered the call with flying colors.

A special shout out to Lycoming County Director of Elections Forrest Lehman and his staff. Not only did they oversee a record Election Day in Lycoming County in which 58,354 folks voted, they made sure that every mail-in ballot received was processed by midnight. The last number I heard was they had counted over 13,000 mail-in/absentee ballots. What a truly remarkable job well done.

The American people’s anticipation to view the election results Tuesday evening after the voting ended was like the buzz and energy created prior to the Super Bowl. Everybody wanted to watch the game unfold while keeping an eye on the scoreboard. Many of whom enjoyed food and beverage, similar to a tailgate party while doing so. I look forward to this after every highly contested election; it was nice to see so many people with the same Patriotic spirit.

I hate to even mention the following because I don’t know what has transpired since I’ve penned this article, and it arrived in your mailbox. Another very positive takeaway from election night in America was the peace and calm. As I waited for what has been 2020 to spill over into the 1st Tuesday of November, it didn’t happen. I believe if the process would have ended with President Trump being re-elected or Joe Biden being elected, things would have ended just that way on November 3rd. Unfortunately, I know the further we get away from that day without officially electing a president, the greater the appearance of election injustice becomes to both parties, which creates a much higher probability of chaos. I pray for our Country that this doesn’t happen.

This is the perfect segue to finish up my thoughts for the week. I love and respect our great Nation as much as any fellow American. I think an election like this is exactly what our Nation needed, and I appreciate both parties’ passionate feelings about who our next president should be. The most important thing we all need to remember is that we are all on the same team. For the good of our Nation, we must all come together in support of our next president. There is just simply too much that needs to be addressed at home and abroad for us to be a nation divided. I believe all Americans working for the good want the same thing, to pass on a better America to our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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