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Friendship, Positivity and Community

There is a group of local business folks that get together each week to discuss the world’s problems and much more. I will refer to them as my friends of the round table, even though the table we sit at is more of an oval shaped countertop — that just sounds better. The topics most often discussed are the problems we face in the business world of today, politics, sports, and all things encountered, as we’re growing older.

No topic is off limits; often I get ideas for columns from what is discussed. There is a revolving door policy, so whoever can make it that week simply shows up. I often get ribbed over my attendance, and they jokingly threaten to have my membership revoked.

I consider everyone that stops by the not-so-round table a good friend. I thank them for their advice, suggestions and caring. Most are involved in family-owned business. This provides me a great sounding board. More importantly, the topics we talk about are often in regards to the problems we all face. We all seem to be dealing with the same issues whether it is business or everyday life, even though whatever is going on seems unique to you.

Why I’m sharing this with you is because there is nothing like social interaction and discussion with friends. You shake hands, look the other person the eye, and then have a random spontaneous conversation about whatever. Everybody needs friends to celebrate life’s successes and talk about life’s problems. I encourage you to reach out to those special folks in your life and get together on a regular basis. Face to face, no FaceTime required. I promise you; you will feel much better about the world and the problems we all face.

When I ask my friends of the round table, what should topic to write about this week, they all agreed, something positive! They’re all tired of all the negativity and regurgitation of the same news. So away we go.

There is no more beautiful place to be this time of the year than right here at home in Penns Woods. As you drive up and down 180, you can’t help but notice the neon green glow of the mountains lining the Valley. Those few warm days this past week helped all the blooms pop, providing all the colors of the rainbow to provide a perfect contrast. The bright blue sky, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets make me anxious for the long days of summer. Hopefully, Mother Nature will hold off on the liquid sunshine this year.

As we head into Relay for Life season, please get out and about and support the American Cancer Society and all those affected by the dreaded disease. Cancer is the one illness that affects every family, often even including our four-legged friends. The strides that are being made against the disease are amazing. It is through the commitment of the American people that makes this possible. From all of us right here at home, right on up to the leading medical professionals in the nation. That fighting spirit doesn’t waiver. It begins with remembering the special people we have lost, supporting those that are fighting, and celebrating those that have won their battle. It’s truly a team effort.

Next, an update on the recently held MS Walk. “To End MS We Walk MS.” This disease has also affected many folks near and dear to my heart over the years. The walk has currently raised over $13,000 and is expected to crest at $15,000. Thank you to all that participated in the event. You may donate to support the event and battle MS until June 29th. Please contact Ron Mingle 570-419-9826 if you would like to do so.

Alize Johnson’s efforts to provide a state-of-the-art basketball facility in the City of Williamsport is off to a great start. The WtaWtaW Courts at Firetree Place, the old Center, are coming right along. I can’t wait to make my first jump shot at the new facility. His commitment goes way beyond helping just the basketballers in our area. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this effort. If you feel inclined to do so, please reach out to Jaron Bartholomew 570-932-0262 or at

Last, but definitely not least, I must talk about the upcoming primary elections — in a positive manner, of course. I have said before we are truly blessed by the great people that make up our communities. This carries right on over into the political arena. The candidates that run for office locally are a cut above the national curve. They’re good people that want to do a good job for their constituents. Yes, there are different ideas and different political views, but that is what our Country is all about. As far as competency and running for office for the right reasons, all are probably more than qualified.

It’s up to you to educate yourself and understand the platform each candidate is running on. This allows you to make an informed decision and vote for whom best represents your ideals. There is never really a right vote or a wrong vote, or should I say left vote. The most important thing is that you get out and vote.
God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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