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Marching into Spring

“Spring, Spring, Spring! Sang the frog. Spring! Said the groundhog. Spring, Spring, Spring sang the Robin! It was Spring. The leaves burst out, the flowers burst out. And the robins burst out of their eggs. It was Spring.” Well, if you’re looking for some hard-hitting political editorial, this may not be the week.

The above is from one of my favorite books that I most enjoyed reading to my sons this time of year. Come on, you know it? It is from Little Golden Books, Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. What a great story. It just warms my heart like the Spring sun warming the Earth. What an amazing time of year as God’s green Earth comes back to life.

Jimmy and Hunter loved this book, of course, along with The Pokey Puppy, which I believe my mom read to me when I was little. To all you parents out there with young kids, Little Golden Books are a must for the Easter basket. Please read them to your children. Let them actually touch a book and look at the pictures and develop their imagination. As time passes, they will begin reading the books on their own. These Little Golden Books will make memories for a lifetime between you and your children.

If you’re a grandparent, make sure to share the Little Golden Books and the messages. Explain to your children the magic of these little books and the amazement as young eyes first fall on them.

Now on to that Spring, Spring, Spring. What an amazing time in the West Branch Valley. The celebration of Lenten season underway leading up to the most amazing story ever told. Turn off the TV and all the negativity and just go outside, close your eyes, and look up into that beautiful March sun. Say a little prayer and bask in the rebirth of Mother Earth being in perfect harmony with the spiritual realm. God’s love for man is undeniable

Get out and about and enjoy all that’s going on up-and-down the West Branch Valley.

It’s hard to believe it’s time for the 61st annual West Branch Susquehanna Builder’s Home Show. We are proud to be part of and support the event each and every year. Tip of my Webb Weekly cap to Carroll Pawlikowski and the great job she is doing overseeing the event. I must also give a shout out to my longtime friends Walt and Marion Nyman, for their efforts over the years in building the show. They stepped back from official duties a couple of years back. But are still never too far away.

Make sure you stop by and greet me and my Webb Weekly staff at booth number 202. We will have our traditional yardsticks, candy, and of course, a great gas grill to register to win courtesy of Elery Nau. The grill package is complete with a gift certificate for Rupert’s Meats in Montoursville and some ice-cold beverages courtesy of Frosty’s in Muncy. What a great way to get grilling season underway. Good luck. See you at the Home Show.

All that is the Home Show can be found within our pages ahead. It is a great one-stop-shop to find whatever home improvement you’re looking to do this season, and maybe some of you haven’t even thought about yet.

The middle of March also means everybody can celebrate their Irish heritage for a day or two. Of course, this is not dependent on you actually being of Irish heritage.

It was great to stop down and see my good friend Mr. Bobby Griffin at the Shamrock last week. I look forward to seeing him just ahead of St. Patrick’s Day every year. He is dealing with a couple of issues of growing older, but Mr. Griffin looks great. What a great tradition the Shamrock is to the Williamsport area.

Make sure your stop down, enjoy some corned beef on rye, that special sound of the bagpipes, and the Irish beer of your choice. They also have the best clam chowder in town that goes great with the Lenten season or any time for that matter.

If you’re wondering why there’s not the green beer that there used to be to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the PLCB Liquor Code, specifically Section 492.17, prohibits “any person to fortify, adulterate, contaminate, or in any wise to change the character or purity of, the malt or brewed beverages from that as originally marketed by the manufacturer at the place of manufacture.” Since the beer does not come from the brewery as green, they are prohibited by law from changing it.

Simply put, to prevent contamination by adding food coloring or whatever else, beer is prohibited from being changed to green. This to protect the consumer from green beer born illnesses. So now we know the rest of the story.

Now just a moment for my public service message. Please don’t allow a little bit too much St. Paddy’s day celebration to become a big problem. Have a great time, and enjoy all that is green, but leave the driving to somebody else if necessary. No matter what your cup of tea is, take advantage of all the Spring happenings. There is something to be found for everyone. And as always, let’s be careful out there, folks.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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