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Happy Father’s Day May The Smoke Stay Away

Hopefully, as you’re reading this, the smoke has cleared, some rain has fallen, and summer weather has returned to the West Branch Valley. As I write this, we have gone 36 days without measurable rainfall. We’ve all seen things we could have never imagined in recent years. As the smoke blew into our country from the Canadian wildfires forcing the cancellation of schools, flights, ball games, and pretty much all outdoor activities in many Mid-Atlantic areas, it added another one to the list. I’m
sure my thoughts on this coincide with most of you as you’re reading this. I’m going to save those thoughts for another day, as the situation is truly raging out of control at press time.

I would, however, be remiss if I didn’t mention some key facts regarding the Canadian wildfires. There are currently over 400 wildfires burning north of the border; over 200 are considered burning
out of control. The land consumed by these apocalyptic infernos has reached over 9.5 million acres, forcing nearly 30,000 Canadian citizens to be evacuated. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Canadian people.

Before I move on to that Father’s Day game of catch, a round of golf, or outdoor celebration — which I hope isn’t postponed by smoke, I’ll leave this topic with a couple of thoughts for your discussion. How on God’s green Earth can man extinguish a fire that has reached this magnitude? And sadly, how many Americans would really care if the weather pattern dumping the campfire atmosphere into our Nation was different?

The greatest gift a child can give his father is that heart-filled hug and an “I love you, Dad.” I have been on both sides of this special moment. As life passes by and your son or daughter gets older, a thank you for everything you do and a little time shared playing catch, enjoying that round of golf, or watching that ball game together means so much to both father and son. Again, this comes from personal experience, and you can plug in any event shared together for what I have mentioned.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t see your dad on Father’s Day, reach out to him, and make sure he hears your voice, hopefully, accompanied by the words I’ve already mentioned. Please do not allow any disagreement you may be having with your father to prevent you from that wishing of a Happy Father’s Day. We all only have so much time to remember the things that are most important and share your love. This may just open the door to mending your relationship.

A sincere and heartfelt Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. On Father’s Day, we pay tribute to all that have taken on the responsibilities of fatherhood. Our world needs more men stepping up to fill this role and helping to develop young gentlemen and ladies. The problems our children face today are much more difficult, and having that fatherly figure by your side has never been more important.

So again, Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandfathers, and those that fill the role of a father figure. Thank you for your time, patience, and commitment to our future generations. Thank you for the understanding that a father doesn’t need to be perfect; he just needs to be present in the name of good.

My staff and I would like to help you celebrate that fatherly figure in your life with some great Father’s Day giveaways. The only thing we ask is if you give me a call, it is to take Dad out and say thank you.

So, I will make this as simple as possible because I have been known to get a little long-winded. Simply be one of the first four to call me after reading this and get your choice between four great seats to Historic Bowman Field and a Williamsport Crosscutters game. The night at the ballpark includes a hot dog and cold drink for all. I’m sure I can even get Rhashan, the Director of Smiles, to say hello.

If you would sooner just take Dad out for dinner and skip the ball game, you may choose a $50 gift card to the Mulberry Street Cafe. They will be open on Father’s Day; details can be found on page 25. I’m sure Dad will find something on their great menu to make him smile, as well as that cold beverage.

When you reach out to me at 570-337-0755, please identify yourself as a Father’s Day Giveaway contestant and remember you’re on the honor system. This is for Dad or the fatherly figure in your life. Good luck to all; I look forward to your call.

A quick reminder to close things out this week, don’t forget to get registered for our Great American Grilling Giveaway.

Please don’t be the person locally that carelessly starts a forest fire. There are many burning bans currently in place. Most important is common sense during this dry season.

In the words of Smokey Bear, only you can prevent forest fires.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb