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47 Years is a Problem, Not the Solution

No matter who wins the election, I can’t wait for all this nonsense to be over. I am beyond tired of President Trump and Mr. Biden being in my mailbox, on the electronic device of my choice, feeling obligated to watch their debates, and flipping through channels to see what all the mainstream media geniuses are reporting. For the good of our Nation, I hope by midnight on November 3rd, we have a clear winner, and this is all in the rearview mirror.

Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and the office of President over Hillary Clinton in 2016 because Americans were tired of both parties. The Republicans again provided the same cookie-cutter candidates, and Trump won the primary and general election. What got him over the top, especially in states like Pennsylvania, was the Democrats knew who Hillary was and did not vote or voted Trump. No one expected him to win; he was a 10 to 15-point underdog in the polls prior to the 2016 election.

Many Democrats, including Party leadership, still have not accepted the 2016 outcome. This also includes members of Congress, mostly Democrats, but some Republicans. None want their swamp drained; it hits them right where they live — in their wallet and in their self-created monarch of power. No one should be able to create the wealth, retirement, and power over the taxpaying voting American these people have created.

So, Donald Trump becomes President and is made of Teflon. Everything he campaigned on, he attempts to get done. He moves forward to secure our borders, bring industry and manufacturing back from foreign shores, rebuild the military, restore respect for law and order, create jobs and opportunity for all Americans, hold China, Russia, North Korea, and all the bad guys in the world accountable.

The Democrats and mainstream media hate the fact he is President, not Hillary. That things are going well in our Country and for President Trump. They challenge the President on every step he takes. Trump just keeps bulling forward. When things were going well, our unemployment rate in Pennsylvania could have been 0. There were more jobs than people to fill them. Every economic indicator was positive, and working America was benefiting no matter of race. For the first time in a long time, China was on the run from America economically. And then Coronavirus hit. If anybody still thinks this resulted from somebody eating Szechuan bat wings in an open-air market in Wuhan, God help you. But that’s a story for another day.

When COVID-19 hit our Country, there is no more a sitting President could have done to address a never seen pandemic of this magnitude. He answered every call, tried every approach, offered whatever help any state needed, this in a timely manner unprecedented by our overgrown government.

Well, a not so funny thing happened as the battle against the pandemic waged on, the beyond liberal Democratic national party used the opportunity to attack President Trump. Of course, this with the help of the treasonous media.

Then along comes George Floyd, and like everything else, it’s Trump’s fault. The mainstream media hits full attack mode right along with the Democratic leadership. President Trump is to blame for everything from slavery to the Coronavirus. Have you ever heard a good word about President Trump from any network other than Fox News?

If former President Obama would have been off to the start President Trump was, they would have been building statues to him and fully supporting his efforts. There would have been no Joe Biden next to him either. President Obama kept him locked in the basement, especially the last term for what was going on in Russia and VP Joe’s threat to his legacy.

The more President Trump has done, the more the beyond liberal Democrats and media have attacked him. I understand President Trump isn’t going to win any popularity contest, and the majority of Americans can’t stand him. I get it; on at least 15 occasions, I’ve written things like, he needs to put the cell phone down, stop Tweeting, become more presidential, not alienate individuals and groups that would be potential voters come re-election time. I wanted the President to be somebody my kids could look up to and emulate, and Mr. Trump definitely falls way short of this. His beyond narcissistic approach and wiring make him hard to like. I’ve written that he’s created many of his own problems, and if he is not re-elected, it will be because of the man in the mirror, not due to the job he was doing. I’ve called it like I’ve seen it.

What is beyond belief to me is the candidate from the former Democratic Party. So, let me get this straight, the beyond liberal/socialistic Democratic Party, I’m sorry Progressive Party wants us to believe that a 78-year-old man is the leader and face of their movement? Never mind the other 15 candidates in the primary had a completely different view, the Bernie way and beyond.

That Mr. Biden being undressed by Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris during the debate was just a mirage, and that’s not the true racist Joe Biden? That him sitting at the trough of the American taxpayer for 47 years doesn’t make him the problem, but the solution? That even though most billionaires, including the high-tech crowd, want Joe as president, he is going to be a champion for the middle class?

That President Obama really believes Joe Biden is deserving to be president and not supporting him only because Kamala Harris is the Vice-Presidential candidate?

That Mr. Biden will strengthen and support the same military that President Obama and VP Biden stripped to the bare bones?

That he has a plan for COVID even though during the Obama administration, they had none in regard to the Swine Flu?

That Mr. Biden has no ties to Russia, nor has his family benefited from him being Vice President? That Mr. Biden and the party behind him, including the Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumers, and Kamala Harrises, will secure our borders after they have fought President Trump tooth and nail over this?

That Mr. Biden, who has spent his whole political career moving business off American soil, will now be the champion of bringing it back? This includes vaccines and pharmaceuticals shipped there on his watch?

That Mr. Biden will not oppose fracking and cost Pennsylvania thousands and thousands of jobs? That he and those behind him don’t support Bernie’s Green New Deal of economic ruin?

That Mr. Biden did not support Democratic mayors, governors, and groups that enabled anarchy and rioting in major cities? That Mr. Biden and Kamala Harris did not contribute financially to hate groups?

That Mr. Biden stands for law and order even though his Party wants to defund the police?

That Mr. Biden is actually physically and mentally competent to serve a 4-year term when he isn’t even seen in public four days in a row?

That even though the party behind Joe Biden claims themselves to be “progressive” which, by definition, leads them away from the Constitution as intended. That Mr. Biden will support and protect the 2nd Amendment when the beyond liberal party disdains it?

That Obamacare can be fixed, or any national/socialistic health care is to the benefit of the working taxpaying American?

That President Trump or anybody is going to cut social security, the same social security Mr. Biden has been watching for over four decades?

I’m surprised they haven’t included Joe Biden will end world hunger and poverty.

The Joe Bidens of the world, whether Republican or Democrat, are the problem. They have turned our government into their own monarchy. They are creators of generational wealth and have made themselves untouchable. This must change, and it will require a bipartisan, “We the People,” effort to do so. Make sure you vote in person or by mail. Every voter counts! My hope is the silent majority is now made up of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents that want to vote our Nation first. Not their party first.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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