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Trick or Treat, Vote for Me

Election time in the West Branch Valley is finally upon us. Before we talk about the first Tuesday in November, it’s time for another one of my public service messages with a twist. Please watch out for all the superheroes, princesses, “Toy Story” characters, and of course, the traditional witches, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts.

Come on now; is there anything more fun than Halloween? Whether you’re a child, the parent, or a responsible adult enjoying a Halloween party, it’s all in good fun. Enjoy it; especially if you’re a parent, your time in your life to take those little trick-or-treaters out and about goes by way too fast. Always remember Rule #1 of Halloween safety; the dad must check the candy. Especially the treats that most appeal to his taste buds. At least that’s what I used to tell Jimmy and Hunter.

Seriously though, folks, let’s be careful out there. Please watch out and anticipate Spider-Man coming out from between two parked cars. Always go over everything in that Halloween bag or bucket; you can never be too cautious. And last but not least, turn on your porch light, buy some candy, or even maybe some of those popcorn balls I used to get in my trick-or-treating days. It really doesn’t matter what you choose to put in Darth Vader’s bag; it’s that random act of kindness that makes Halloween such a special night for the young ones.

Now back to our regularly scheduled article, witch candidates are trying to trick you for your vote? And then treat themselves to a job and benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. And yes, I know witch is misspelled.

It is up to you the voter to have your voice heard. It is a personal decision as a citizen of the United States of America and registered voter who you vote for. There’s really never a wrong vote when it comes to your vote. What is most important is that you vote.

I do, however, believe we all have a responsibility to try to vote for the best candidate. It should never be a vote solely based on political affiliation or what this person’s politics can do for me. However, we all must remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The right candidate in one person’s eyes may be the wrong one in another’s.

I left off last week’s column promising to return to the County Commissioner race. I’ll begin with reminding you the Primary Election winners were incumbent Republican Tony Mussare, incumbent Democrat Rick Mirabito, Republican challenger and leading primary vote-getter Scott Metzger, and long-time attorney and politician Mr. Elliott Weiss.

It’s important to remember who won the party’s nominations back in May. These were the candidates “The People” chose to represent their parties on the November ballot.

I understand Republican write-in candidate Jack McKernan’s feeling of frustration over Mr. Campana’s decision to run for commissioner this past May. This definitely changed the final vote tally. Both lost their bid to represent the Republican Party on the upcoming ticket. What we don’t know is if Campana’s decision changed McKernan’s fate.

His choice to run as an incumbent Republican write-in may undermine the importance of the Primary Election process. An example of this is candidates Dr. Steve Brady and Chad Riley, who also lost their bid for nomination, now declaring themselves Republican write-in candidates. This is a slippery slope. Obviously, by rule, this is completely above board. However, this may create animosity amongst the Party, take votes away from a candidate that has already won the party nomination, and create confusion for the voter.

This is an important issue for you the voter to decide. Does any candidate, incumbent or not, deserve a second bite at the apple after losing in the Primary?

It’s an important election for the City of Williamsport. Billtown needs a mayor and a city council that work together for what’s best for the citizens of Williamsport.

I believe there are two outstanding candidates for mayor. Both won their way there via the Primary Election process. City Councilman Derek Slaughter and local Businessman Eric Beiter. Both, in my estimation, are fine gentlemen. Both are young men with families that have a stake in the future of the City, and both have put great time and effort in, and run clean campaigns.

I was hoping by this point in time, Mayor Gabriel Campana had made the proper decision and withdrew gracefully from the election. Upon doing this, he should have endorsed fellow Republican Eric Beiter. This has not happened at press time.

Mayor Campana does not have a snowball’s chance of getting elected. It’s complete poppycock what he did to candidate Beiter and the local Republican Party. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, voting for Mr. Campana could change the outcome of the election. Especially in the case of candidate Beiter, and lost votes from fellow Republicans.

Please do not allow the former Mayor to have this impact on who is Williamsport’s future Mayor. The City and both candidates deserve better. Don’t think Mr. Campana’s taking of two or three hundred votes will not change the final election result.

Last, but definitely not least, there is no truth to the rumor there is an Elect-Dave Hoffman Halloween costume, complete with yard sign and a roll of duct tape. What’s the duct tape for you ask? So you can simply change the office Dave is currently campaigning for.

If you didn’t understand my Halloween humor or why incumbent Register Recorder Kathy Rinehart is now a Democrat, last week’s column is available at Again though, vote your mind. I just call it like I see it.

God Bless America.

For information about the candidates and the new voting procedure, see pages 12-24.

Jim Webb

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