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Hillary Belongs in Jail And She Wants Your Vote

They just don’t get it! Why on God’s green Earth would the Democratic Party support Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bid for the White House? Name one positive thing she has ever done for our Country? She is the Queen of Greed, all about self and wealth. There is no line of ethics or legality she will not cross. There has never been consequence for her or her husband’s actions. This all accomplished by political chicanery and connections. What a sad state of affairs inside the Washington Beltway.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the National Democratic Committee puts their party over the good of our Country. No one should ever want Hillary Rodham Clinton to ascend to President. However, the Democrats think they got themselves a winner. It could be Satan and they would support him in order to remain in control of the White House.

There are at least ten scandals involving Mrs. Clinton that come to mind. She has been involved in more unscrupulous behavior, illegal activity and use of power for personal gain than any woman in American history.

Remember Vince Foster, Hillary’s “best friend,” a powerful attorney from Little Rock who moved on up to Washington when William Jefferson Clinton was elected President? You don’t? That’s because he’s dead. See, Mr. Foster committed suicide, or so they said. He was emotionally distraught over his daily dealings with the Clintons. He was asked to work on things and told information that he wanted nothing to do with. Mr. Foster was found in a Washington area park with a bullet hole in his head.

Mr. Foster knew too much, he was the Clinton’s legal go to guy over their illegal business deals and scheming. He was Mrs. Clinton’s confidant until Hillary became tired of Mr. Foster and his “whining”. He had concerns that under the scrutiny of being President and First Lady their shady dealings would be discovered.

Mr. Foster had a conscience and cared about the Clintons. He did not want to be incriminated by Bill and Hillary for covering up the Whitewater scandal. He was also worried about the Clinton’s obsession with wealth and power.

I, along with many others, still question his suicide. Many believe it was simply the “dead men tell no tales” policy of a ruthless lady.

Let’s also not forget about Secretary of State Ron Brown’s nosedive. Brown was under scrutiny and investigation for selling seats on State Department’s missions abroad, mostly involving China. Business executives would pay the price to travel and be supported by the Clinton Administration. In return they would take home-signed contracts from nations like China. Who was directing Mr. Brown? Hillary Clinton of course.

As the investigation was just getting going and Hillary’s name was coming to the forefront a not so funny thing happened, Secretary of State Brown died in a plane crash. The truth and facts also went down with him.

Fast forward to today, nothing has changed with Hillary Rodham Clinton. You still don’t want to be her best friend. You never get answers or information whether it’s Benghazi and the death of Americans under her watch as Secretary of State or The Clinton Foundation and accepting donations from foreign leaders and dignitaries for some political string pulling by Bill and herself.

I’m tired of the mainstream media being politically correct and sugarcoating facts. Let’s explain what really is going on. The Clintons; Hillary, Bill and Chelsea accept bribes from foreign nations. Some friendly to the U.S., some not. In return they receive favors, contracts and even access to plutonium. This is all disguised as speech fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation.

They belong in jail.

Former President Clinton gets $200,000 to travel and speak about modernization and economical development. Chelsea speaks about dysentery in Third World countries and gets $75,000 a pop for her crap on crap. The only economical development is the Clinton Foundation and the contract he brokers in return. One of which was the sale of a plutonium mining facility in Kazakhstan to Russia and Vladimir Putin. This occurred during the Obama’s administration and yes, Barack knew about it. And oh by the way, neither the Clinton Foundation or Bill and Hillary reported the millions in cash they made on this transaction in cahoots with a Canadian mining company and Vladimir. That’s okay though, I’m sure the IRS looked the other way.

Hillary’s first elect me Queen of the United States of America commercial about how she is in the corner of the middle class and cares about you and I, come on, are you kidding me? She is the wicked witch of the wealthy and liberal. Mrs. Clinton cares nothing about anybody but herself and has jeopardized our national security more than Benedict Arnold or anyone in American history, of course other than Barack Hussein Obama. She views the American people as dollar signs, at least the taxpaying ones anyway.

This is who the National Democratic Party supports as their choice for President.

Folks we are the overwhelming majority. They want us to believe otherwise. By “We,” I’m talking about conservative taxpaying Americans. You can be of any political affiliation and be a conservative American. God, country, family and the preservation of the American dream for our children and grandchildren. A selfless commitment to the United States of America.

The understanding that sometimes you got to roll up the sleeves and go to war to defend our way of life. The fight may be at home or abroad, you cannot allow “evil” to run the world. The killing of innocent Christians, Jews and Muslims cannot go unchecked.

I do not know who the best choice will be in 2016 at this point. There are two things I can tell you. It will never be Hillary Clinton, and whoever is elected will have one Barack Obama supersized mess to clean up.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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