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Lost Between Iraq and Cyber Space

If you missed my column last week, my apologies. It was an example of why you shouldn’t procrastinate and wait until the last minute. You should always allow yourself some extra time and try to finish a job ahead of schedule; of course, I waited until the last minute to write my article. I often do this, and I just don’t learn my lesson because even when it works out, it adds extra stress, not only for me but also for my staff. Well, I didn’t get away with it last week, as my column was lost forever in cyberspace.

My words were there until it was time to add the closing paragraph and God Bless America, and then they were gone. I will take full blame because I’m not the most technologically literate person. When Editor Steph told me it was gone, I knew I had a problem. There was not enough time to rewrite my column, not to mention I wasn’t the happiest guy in the world, again technologically-limited and I just don’t understand how this stuff happens.

Thank you to Editor Steph for bailing me out with her column and explaining my dilemma. She could have just written that I was a dumb astronaut, but she’s more savvy and polite than that.

Now, here are a few interesting things about that column. First of all, for anyone who would listen, I tried to sell the fact that I was probably hacked, and it was either Iranian interference or maybe even the Biden administration. This sounds much better than the fact that I was doing two things at the same time and probably hit delete by accident.

My words focused on President Biden and the White House’s handling of not only Iran but the war in Palestine and all that chant “death to America.” This includes terrorist organizations that represent or operate through nations that are evil enemies of the United States of America.

As I was penning this, there was no doubt Iran would soon launch an attack on Israel, which they did. And it was great to see the missile and drone defense systems used by Israel, the United States defending Israel, and our allies worked outstandingly well. It was also a good sign that countries in that region worked against Iran, providing crucial data, air space, and support to the defensive.

Interestingly enough, as I’m penning this column, Israel has launched a retaliatory attack on Iran. Which you knew was coming and was just a matter of when. Our president and other leaders need to learn a lesson from Israel and button their lips during conflict. Don’t paint yourself in a corner, playing both sides and providing too much information.

The best thoughts I can probably share right now for our leaders and the leaders of these other countries is to use your power of prayer. Pray for the innocent victims of this war-torn world. Pray for peace and understanding. The actions or inactions of the powerful may take our world to places we don’t want to be. This prompted by religious hatred that has been present for centuries.

It was brought to my attention that possibly last week’s column was lost for good reason. I understand many Americans are tired and overwhelmed by what’s taking place. I understand many feel helpless and want a diversion to look forward to from my column. However, I also understand that if we all don’t figure this out and unite for the good of our Nation, those everyday freedoms that are often taken for granted will be lost.

My contact information is always on page 4. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.

See You at the Home Show

In closing things out this week, as the cover reads, it’s time for our 63rd annual West Branch Susquehanna Builder’s Home Show. It is a great place to find great people to help you with any home improvement project and much more. Webb Weekly is a proud member of the West Branch Susquehanna Builder’s Association and always feels honored to promote those who can make your living space and neighborhood a better place.

This year, my staff and I will be at booth number 137. We look forward to meeting and greeting as many of you as you would like to stop by. Most importantly, we will have our Webb Weekly yardsticks available until our supply runs out, along with a pen and some candy to sugar you up. Again, you can register to win a grill package courtesy of Elery Nau Hardware that includes a $50 gift card to Rupert’s Specialty Meats towards your first grilling, a $50 gift card to Frosty Beverage for something cold to wash it down with, and we even throw in a tank of gas so you can fire that grill up.

Full details about the Home Show can be found within the pages ahead. We look forward to seeing you. And yes, the grill is assembled, and we deliver it.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb