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Be on the Lookout for Mother Nature… She is Armed and Dangerous.

There is nothing Mr. Obama might say or do that would surprise me. This past week he left another real zinger go. As ISIS is advancing in Syria and had just gained control of Ramandi, the largest city in Western Iraq, Mr. Obama was truly focused on the real threat to our national security here at home.

Mr. Obama spoke to the graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy. He stated the pending urgency of climate change to world security. Quoting Mr. Obama, “So I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, and is an immediate risk to our national security. Make no mistake it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act now.”

At this point in his speech a bolt of lightning came down and struck Mr. Obama clearly stunning him and disabling his teleprompter so he could not continue. A dazed and confused Obama tried to laugh it off by saying you don’t fool with Mother Nature.

Yes, I am making the lightning strike up, but the rest is true.

This is the man guiding our country. Not ISIS, Iran, North Korea, Russia, a terrorist group to be named later. Not a Worldwide pandemic, not our unsecured borders that have allowed more bad guys in than even our Secret Service let’s run across the White House lawn.

Mother Nature is our immediate threat to national security. Who writes these speeches for Mr. Obama, the folks at Fox News? Bill O’Reilly and his staff of right-wingers pen them thinking let’s see how big of an idiot we can make of Obama?

I have said it before when you take the time to listen, really listen, to what Mr. Obama says it is truly mind-boggling. As I have written and will write in the future Mr. Obama is the single greatest threat to national security and speeches like he made to the Coast Guard tell you why.

Mr. Obama’s Global Change is a reinvented play on Global Warming. It is right from the liberal playbook. He committed to addressing this issue in both his Presidential election campaigns. How many bijllion dollars do you think he took from the sky is falling lobbyists to address their cause and make it a priority?

The world has experienced climate change since its creation. It is not a matter of National Security; it is a matter of understanding and planning for a natural disaster. An example is the tragic earthquakes that recently happened in Nepal. Our service men and women are always on the ready to help at home and abroad.

For Mr. Obama or anyone to think or classify Mother Nature as a threat to National Security is ludicrous. What’s more frightening is how the liberal left think they can control the weather. How about addressing the issues our Nation can have an effect on?

The execution of Christians around the world at the hands of Islamic extremists is not even mentioned, you won’t even call them out by their proper name the Islamic fundamentalists and extremists. Your playing footsie with Iran is deplorable; they are the number one state sponsor of terror and Jihad against the innocent.

So let’s call out “Mother Nature”, she is a true threat to national security. You’ve got to be joking. CNN bought it, MSNBC hook line and sinker, the liberal media loved it. I can’t wait for the next Rachel Maddow show – President Obama declares war on Mother Nature, film at 11:00.

You have added to our national debt more than all the Presidents before you combined. The taxes being paid in by the working Americans is at an all-time high. The welfare state you have catered to is receiving more than at any point in American history. You continually alter the unemployment numbers. Truth be told there is more work than unemployed folks that want to work.

I really believe that is why Mr. Obama continues to support the illegal aliens, because without them we don’t have enough workers to do the actual work in our Country. It may also force those receiving welfare to actually have to work for a living.

One thing you have done Mr. Obama is improved race relations. You have really united our Country in the name of the “American Melting Pot” we are. Yeah right, you have created and caused more racial unrest than one man should be capable of.

You have had almost two terms to address the true problems of Black America and hold all Americans accountable for their actions. You have done neither. You have pitted blacks against whites, blacks against blacks, lawless against the protectors of the law. Those who truly care about our Country against those who want to use our Country for every last dollar they can get.

The truth about how you have failed Black America is an article for another day. I will say you have continued the status quo of using poverty-stricken inner city Black Americans as pawns in the liberal political game.

But hey, let’s blame Mother Nature and focus on her as a threat to National Security.

God Bless and Help America.

Jim Webb

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