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Father’s Day

Isn’t it great we finally have some summer like weather warming the West Branch Valley? No matter the outdoor activity you attend or partake in, it’s a heck of a lot better in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. I hope you caught that full moon last week; it seemed close enough you could actually catch it. It illuminated a most clear early summer sky and was as pretty as a picture. Although I can never seem to get a good picture of the night sky on my smart phone. A good old fashion camera is still the best way for that. We truly live in one of the most beautiful spots on God’s green earth and wow, are things green and growing this year. Lawnmowers are working overtime to keep up.

A thank you to all that reached out to us with condolences, great stories or messages of appreciation for Mr. Bill “Buck” Byham. One thing I heard several times was what a great teacher Mr. Byham was at South Williamsport. How he always would take extra time for a student. How he made learning fun with his own unique style — especially in regards to current events and discussion. He taught at SWA for nearly four decades. I believe most of the years, World Cultures was his primary focus.

I think it’s fitting Mr. Byham leads me to the next issue of the week, Happy Father’s Day! The importance of a father figure in a young person’s life has never been more important. Whether it’s your real dad, grandfather, stepfather or an individual that fills that role in your life take the time to say thank you and Happy Father’s Day. Maybe it’s a coach or teacher. In the world we live in today, maybe it is a woman. No matter, they will appreciate the message and your sincerity.

There are great things to do for Father’s Day that can be found within our pages. Of course I look forward to a good Father’s Day dinner, doesn’t matter if it is home or out. Maybe a little baseball, which could be as simple as me throwing batting practice to my sons or taking in a ball game. Fishing with Jimmy is always an option. Make the time and spend the day doing something your father or father figure enjoys doing. I have been blessed with two great boys, three if you count the four-legged one. But let me tell you a father’s work is never done and sometimes you’re presented with some difficult situations.

A note to all young dads out there. We all want to be the perfect father and not make any mistakes. Have all the right answers and advice. That’s impossible to do in the reality of life. There has been only one perfect Father. The most important thing is your time and trying to do the best job raising the young folks you can. And believe me take advantage of the time with them because it goes by in the blink of an eye.

One nice thing to do with them is a trip up to the west end and the completely made over BB&T Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field. The Crosscutters open their home schedule June 20 vs. the State College Spikes. The Cutters play 38 games in the comfortable confines of Bowman Field.

Williamsport now has the equivalent of a small size Major League ballpark. Just take a ride up and check it out, it looks like a million bucks! Or should I say 3 million George Washingtons or so. The playing surface is amazing and meets every Major League guideline.

What a great job done by so many, we’ll have more on this next week. It’s a fantastic thing for local baseball. From the Backyard Brawl, District Playoffs and of course the Crosscutters to the Major Leaguers hitting the field. This year it’s the Pirates and Cardinals. Hopefully this becomes a yearly event during Little League time.

Golf anyone?

Which is another great idea for Father’s Day — whether it’s a dozen golf balls or a trip over the hill to White Deer.

Former County commish Ernie Larson has been trying to put together a Lycoming County Amateur Championship. Who is the best golfer in the county in the men’s and senior division?

He has enlisted Ryan Peterson, Chris McDonald, Rob Lytle and Jeff Deisher to make this event happen. Originally scheduled for June, the event has been moved to this Fall due to scheduling conflicts. A good number of folks are already registered, but more golfers are wanted to round out the field.

The event will consist of one round at White Deer’s Heritage Course and one round at Williamsport Country Club. The gross combined score wins the event. There is a $100 entry fee. The championship flight is for those ages 18–59. The senior flight is for those 60 years young and older with a maximum 20 handicap. There will be food and prizes provided.

I think it’s a great idea and encourage you to throw your hat in the ring and see all that our area has to offer.

Also corporate partnerships are still available. It would be a great event to get behind and make it a tradition here in Lycoming County. For more information contact Mr. Larson at 570-916-4438.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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