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There’s Still Summer Time…

It’s hard to believe the calendar reads August! Wasn’t it just yesterday my sons Jimmy and Hunter made a run for the door as the school year came to an end? Well, I’ve got some bad news. For my boys and all students…by month’s end you’ll be back in the classroom. Parents rejoice as structure and routine will soon return. Until then, enjoy all the “summertime” our area has to offer!

August is one of my favorite months. Hot days, a little cooler nights and plenty of sunshine. We are blessed with much to do in the West Branch Valley.

Take advantage of all natural water resources. The Susquehanna River has come a long way since I was a kid. I remember fishing long and catching little. Now the river can be enjoyed as a truly great place for anglers. Young and old tell me about the bass, crappie, walleye and catfish that are being caught. Most are being thrown back – catch and release, though some say the river provides fine eating fish. I cannot forget the musky. Some real monsters are being taken locally. From what I am being told, our local area has become home for large muskies and many travel here to fish for them. Who would have thunk it?

The Susquehanna also offers a true boating paradise above the dam. Plenty of water skiers, jet skiers, tubers, kayaks and more can be seen on a daily basis. The river lots are also buzzing with summer fun and activity.

The Hiawatha is a great local attraction. Get the kids off the electronic devices and take them on a cruise up and down the river. The Hiawatha can also be used for parties, business meetings, fundraisers and more. Truly a unique feature provided by River Valley Transit.

We also have Loyalsock Creek, Pine Creek and Lycoming Creek. Fine swimming holes, fishing and picnic spots can be found along all. My family has enjoyed a ‘crick lot’ out the ‘Sock’ for years. It’s our special summertime place. My third ‘son’ Buddy loves doing the doggy paddle with his brothers! Nothing better than a campfire, mountain pies and s’mores. It’s amazing how anything cooked over an open fire tastes better!

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention Rose Valley Lake. With sail boating, fishing and picnic areas, this is another great place to spend a day.

If the water is not what you are looking for, how about an amusement park? Take the family to Knoebels! I guarantee a short ride will lead to a good time to be had by all. As you probably know, admission is free and the food and rides are very reasonable. My kids always get me with the games. I think the stuffed animal Hunter won shooting hoops cost about 9 bucks!

Hershey Park is a farther drive and more expensive, but also a great place to spend a day or evening. A place every family should visit and enjoyed at least once. Besides, the kids will know where all their favorite candy comes from and even get a free sample when you take a tour about the making of chocolate!

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, or to beat the heat, how about Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland? I always love going there and see what is new this year. If you haven’t been there yet, it is a must see. Right now they are featuring their brand new Komodo Dragon exhibit! Again, how lucky are we to have a nationally known destination locally? The kids will get to see a collection of reptiles and more from around the world. Most important is the cleanliness of the facility and the love and care that the Peeling family provides its inhabitants!

The Thomas Taber Museum provides a great look at the history of Lycoming County. I know the kids might fight you a little on this one, but there is a lot of ‘cool stuff’ they will enjoy seeing, and admission is reasonable. If you haven’t toured our local museum take the time and go. You will learn much about our area’s past you might not have known.

Well, I suppose I should rambling and go to the crick. If you are wondering, no I am not being paid by our Chamber of Commerce; I just love all our area has to offer and calling it ‘home’. Take some time, get out, and enjoy the summer with your family and friends.

Hello Steph

Mike Rafferty’s recent retirement left a void in the Editor’s position at Webb Weekly. Well, not for long my friends. I am proud to announce Steph Turi has taken over the reins. She has been with us since the beginning days and I consider her my right hand person. Many folks deal with Steph on a daily basis in advertising sales and design, but behind the scenes she has been responsible for the layout and building of the publication for a long time. Her move forward to the Editor’s position has been anticipated and she will continue working with our advertising clients that have grown to love her. Once I was asked if Steph was my daughter. I wish they would have asked if she was my sister, but no she is not, however, I would be honored if she was. I am confident she will take our paper to the next level and proud to appoint her to this position.

Jim Webb

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