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The Armed and the Delirious

There has never been a more important time in American history to understand, support, and exercise our freedoms empowered by the Constitution of our great land. This past summer, I teamed up with the good folks at National Range & Armory to offer some understanding and practical application of our 2nd Amendment rights. Wow, what a great success the program was!

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to owners Adam, wife Karen Kordes, and partner Justin Moore for their efforts at National Range. What a great facility they have on Washington Boulevard. Our area is very fortunate to have it.

A total of 219 ladies took me up on my offer to learn how to safely handle and properly shoot a handgun. I paid half the cost for those 18-64, and it was my pleasure to cover the complete cost of the training for those over 65. I’m proud to say that 52 ladies took me up on this 2nd Amendment proposition.

A double-tap of the trigger to Lucile Zablocky for taking the training and her shooting accuracy. Lucille is 84 years young. The most senior member of this year’s graduation class of new shooters.

It was nice to hear from so many of the ladies who participated. I am glad you enjoyed it and learned something new. One thing rang out from all, what an absolutely outstanding job the staff at National did. A special all-American shout-out to Eric Densberger, lead instructor for the ladies’ classes, Ashley Brouse and Kate Thursby, who were the co-leaders, and Bill Briggman, Rangemaster. The entire staff was on point during the live fire portion of the classes. Again, thanks to all.

I am happy to hear nearly 100 ladies later participated in more shooting and/or classes. The level 2 class is the next step in the shooting progression; if interested, there are currently spots available. If you would like to take the beginners’ class, they are also now forming.

For those wondering, my offer has already been shot down by all the ladies who took advantage of the opportunity this past summer. I will probably do it again in June 2021, but please don’t put off today what could be priceless for tomorrow. An interesting fact from National Range & Armory. It takes over 45,000 rounds of ammunition per week to keep the place running. Boy, do local folks love their shooting.

Next up, the Presidential Debate of two grumpy, old, and lost men. Described by most as “an absolute s**t show.” I will throw in a National disgrace, and a you gotta be kidding me.

This triggered me to think back to the last time we viewed a presidential debate of disappointment — Miss Hillary and “the Don” in 2016. I wondered what I penned on page 2 back then?

This is an excerpt from my column “A Perfect ‘Springer’ Storm” on 10/19/16. It can be found in its entirety on our website. Please feel free to substitute in former VP Joe Biden for Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“‘We the People’ deserve so much more out of our next President than this. Both parties are to blame for the weakening of our Country and the fleecing of those of us paying the bills around here. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind the direction lifetime politicians are taking our Nation.

The most commonly asked question is how on God’s green Earth did we get to this point in history where these two are the candidates for President of the United States? I think I have the answer to that for you.

Let’s start with the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. She was owed the golden ticket for a run to the Oval Office. She lost the last go around to Barrack Hussein Obama and then was asked to play nice and support him. She did just that, and without her help, after he defeated her in the primary, Mr. Obama may not have become President.

Ms. Hillary is a poster child for how to earn your turn in the two-party political system. It obviously didn’t hurt her that her husband is a former president. She has stayed by Bill’s side for this moment and the opportunity to make history.

The Democrats not encouraging anybody to run against Hillary in the primary election says it all. Please don’t mention Mr. Bernie Sanders; we all know he had no shot. The only reason he did so well is so many Democrats understand what Hillary is about and are scared of her and her policy.

Mr. Trump’s rise to the Republican nomination is a completely different story than old-school party politics. Let’s remember he was a long shot at best and had to battle 15 other candidates in the Primary Election. He slowly and methodically climbed to the top of the Republican ladder. His greatest opposition became lifetime Republicans who didn’t want to give up their political power and financial windfall.

The American people truly spoke out in an attempt to move away from beltway politics on the Republican side by voting Mr. Trump as their nominee. It makes a clear statement they’re tired of government as usual and want to clean up Washington and put them to work for the American people. There has just been one problem, Donald Trump; everyone hoped his past and questionable temperament would solve itself. That he would become more Presidential on his way to the White House, but that just hasn’t happened.”

God Help and Bless America.

Jim Webb

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