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A Modern Mother’s Day Wish

As those April showers turn into beautiful May flowers and the lush green mountains that line both sides of our Susquehanna River Valley awaken this can mean just one thing, the warmth of the Summer sun is just around the corner. Its unofficial beginning, the Memorial Day weekend, less than four weeks away.

May always brings celebration. Prom, graduation, the anticipation for the young folks of the last day of school. Picnics, parties, the beginning of the vacation travel season. Actually being able to watch a baseball game in shorts and a short sleeve shirt, no coat required! And the hopeful promise of warm weather right to November.

The first May day’s celebration is in honor of Motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies who do so much for your children young and old. The importance of a Mother’s love can never be overstated. And the job never ends whether the child is eight or 48. Sure the type of caring and responsibility changes but that special bond between Mother and child only seems to grow stronger with time. Moms always just seem to make things better and to be in your corner no matter what’s happened.

A Mother’s love is a true blessing. Thank you to all who provide this Motherly love when the world becomes imperfect. A child knows not why their Mother isn’t there. Maybe their absence is caused by tragedy, fate or one of today’s problems like drug addiction.

Thank you to the grandmothers, aunts, sisters and everyone who fills the role of Mom in those circumstances. Please do not judge if a child’s Mom is not the traditional one you’ve grown up recognizing. In the world we live in today just be glad someone is providing love and caring. The world needs more love, not gossip and criticism.

Moms, thank you for washing those dirty uniforms, making the perfect grilled cheese and tomato soup, keeping things clean and orderly even when us big kids can’t. Thank you for providing bus service for the team or group for the sleepover. Thank you for being able to make the pain or hurt go away when no one else can and being there when sickness or injury interrupts childhood.

Thanks for being a Mom and understanding that sometimes you will be taken for granted and may not always get the thanks and appreciation you deserve.

Please take the time to say Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for everything Mom’s do this Sunday, no matter who or how many Mom’s provide that so special gift of “A Mothers Love.”

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom in Arizona. I could not have had a more wonderful Mom growing up and we have only gotten closer as time has passed.

Happy Mother’s Day to Carol – my other Mom, I don’t feel right calling her that step word. She was a wonderful and caring wife to my Father and always treated me as her son. Again, families and times have changed over the years. I just feel blessed to have had two Moms, two Dads and two families that loved me.

The make up of family has changed even more in today’s world. Back when my parents divorced it was a big thing. Today with the “Modern Family” scenario parents can be of the same gender or have been divorced and remarried several times and with multiple children. Please remember the most important thing – if the child or children are getting “Motherly Love” and are a member of a family or more than one family like I was, don’t judge or be cynical. There are so many children today that need a home and family. There are so many young people who may have a nuclear family but get zero love and guidance.

The most important thing for any child is to have stability and to be raised by good people who love, care and nurture them. They do not choose their circumstance nor do they care as long as they’re loved.

Everyday Player

Marilouise Mazzantee taught in the Williamsport Area School District for 38 years. Although diminutive in size she’s full of energy and enthusiasm.

Her lifetime passion of teaching young people has not taken place only in the classroom. “Mazz” has spent much of her life dedicated to coaching track and field and developing young athletes.

Her Millionaire teams won state titles in Girls Track and Field in 1986 and Cross Country in 1986, 87 and 91. She has been selected PA Track and Field Coach of the Year twice. Mazz has been inducted into the West Branch Hall of Fame and was the first woman inducted into the PA State Track and Field Hall of Fame.

For all her accolades she is even a better person than a coach and teacher. Currently she can be found working with area athletes and making them faster and more explosive. She has spent time with both Jimmy and Hunter. She can also be found at for individual training or summer camps.

Tip of the cap to you Mazz. Keep on moving on. When are we going to race?

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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