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Tricks, Treats and Folks Seeking Elected Seats

My favorite week of the year on page 2. I get to dress up as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. I thought about a different look for you this year, maybe Barak Obama but with Webb as my last name there is really only one choice of attire.

Now for my public service message for Halloween night. Kids please understand in order to provide you a safe and happy trick or treating experience “the dads” will be checking all candy, especially the Kit Kats and Snickers. Please understand us dads really don’t want to eat – I mean check – your treats but it is a PA state law.

Seriously though, Halloween and trick-or-treating is such a wonderful time for both parents and children, get out and enjoy the evening of make-believe. Remember a flashlight and some bright colored accents to the costumes or maybe a sweatshirt or hat. Take extra precaution in high traffic areas. And a reminder to all motorists to be on the lookout for ghosts, vampires, zombies, characters from Disney’s Frozen, witches both good and bad, of course Batman, Donald Trump and the boys in their football uniforms that were too lazy to come up with a real costume.

When arriving home check that bag full of goodies, especially if you trick or treated where you did not know the folks. To those providing the treats – please no apples, carrots, raisins, celery, popcorn balls, spare change or anything that may be considered healthy. Only the good stuff!
Let’s be extra careful out there and Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!

Election time is upon us and locally we have some important positions to be filled. We have asked each candidate to provide a half page of editorial. No negativity, just positive information about themselves and their plans if elected. The races this is extended to are – Lycoming County Commissioner, District Attorney and the Mayor of Williamsport.

I believe who you vote for is a personal choice and I don’t endorse any candidate. The important thing is that you exercise your right to vote and understand how important this is to our great Nation. With that being said I would like to discuss a few of the races in only a way I would. I will use the same approach the odds makers in Las Vegas apply. A point spread will be used to handicap each race.

First up Mayor of Williamsport. Incumbent Mayor Gabriel Campana (R) vs. Emily Gale (D).

Although Emily Gale does have some good ideas she faces a tough challenge. Mayor Gabe has been solid for the city of Williamsport. He has faced many tough issues and problems, handling them well. Just taking a look around our City tells you much about the job he has done. Of course, there are drugs and violence. These issues are found in every community across our country. The problem could be much worse as found in cities not so far away from us.

I have Mayor Campana as a six-touchdown (36 point) favorite on Tuesday. In Las Vegas there would be no odds set on the game.

Next up the race for the Lycoming County DA. Incumbent Eric Linhardt (R) vs. Mary Kilgus (D) and Paul Petcavage (I). This race has gotten more interesting than expected with Mr. Petcavage throwing his hat in the ring.

Candidate Kilgus has prosecuted many cases as an ADA. She has solid experience and prides herself on prosecuting crimes committed against children and women.

Candidate Paul Petcavage has displayed the same determination and tenacity in his campaign that helped him lead St. John Neumann back to state prominence in basketball as head coach the last several years. He has been a solid attorney and ADA in Lycoming County for years. He achieved an 85% conviction rate on cases that went to trial while serving as an ADA.

He along with Ms. Kilgus provide strong competition for the office held by Mr. Linhardt.

Mr. Linhardt has served as the DA since 2007. He has faced a heroin epidemic that has resulted in more crime and violence than at any time in Lycoming County history. His office has prosecuted over 14,000 criminal cases since his election. On his watch and working with local law-enforcement his office has achieved a 97% conviction rate.

Hard to argue with those numbers. Mr. Linhardt is also a leader in educating folks against the evils of heroin and working with our judges, police and community leaders.

At the end of the day DA Linhardt is favored by 2 touchdowns and a field goal (15 points).

Now onto the race everyone is talking about, the three open chairs in the County Commissioners office.

Incumbent Tony Mussare vs. Jack McKernan (R), Rick Mirabito (D), Jim Dunn (D), Rebecca Burke (I).

First let me say everyone here is a more than qualified candidate. I still don’t quite understand why you only get to vote for two?? Yes, I understand the written reason why but this needs to change. If there are three spots open, I should get three votes.

Tony Mussare is a hard worker and hustler. A successful business owner who prides himself on being a leader for the “working class”. Commissioner Mussare will make the effort to meet with anyone, anytime to discuss any issue. Mr. Mussare has had some tough issues dropped in his lap. He’s not afraid to step up and address the thoughts behind the Commissioners’ decision making.

Jack McKernan is an outstanding businessman who will use his knowledge to fiscally manage the County and the taxpayer’s money. I have not heard a person say a bad word about the man and that’s tough to come by in today’s world. His “Back Jack” campaign is simple but brilliant. He is the kind of candidate we need seeking office.

Rick Mirabito has provided solid leadership for our area as a State Representative. He also has been successful in the business world. Mr. Mirabito has dedicated much time and invested in renovating distressed properties. He is not afraid to ask the tough questions and demand answers. I consider him fiscally conservative.

Jim Dunn has been a contributor to the Webb Weekly as a writer. He has covered many of the infrastructure issues that need addressing in Lycoming County. He has also talked about the fiscal responsibility and ways of funding work that needs done. I consider his knowledge of all things infrastructure top shelf. This quality would make him a great asset to all taxpayers. He is an up-and-comer to the Lycoming County Democratic Party.

Rebecca Burke – much has been said about her entrance to the race as an Independent. Let’s be honest, she is a Conservative. She has experience serving as County Commissioner from 2000–2011. She knows how to play the game. Many have said she has the ability to get things done and obtaining grant money to do so.

This race would be declared a pick-em by Las Vegas standards. A pick-em is a game too close to set a point spread on. Rebecca Burke’s decision to enter the race late has definitely had a domino effect on odds making.

I see Commissioner Mussare as a field goal favorite (3 points) over Jack McKernan. The third seat remaining wide open. Obviously Lycoming County has a strong Republican population and this will probably play a factor.

Good Luck to all candidates! Please get out and have your voice heard by voting. If possible, take your son or daughter along and show them how Democracy works.

God Bless America

Tip of the Pirate’s Cap

My Great Uncle John Waggett passed away this past week. He was a great American Patriot, serving in our Country’s Navy during World War II. He witnessed the signing of the Armistice on board the USS Missouri by General Douglas MacArthur officially ending the war with Japan.

He was a devoted and caring husband of 67 years to my Great Aunt Mildred. The two were inseparable even sharing their last time together at Valley View.

Uncle John devoted his life after the Military to helping his fellowman in any way he could. Along with Aunt Mildred the two made a difference in more folks lives than we could ever know.

He was a passionate Steelers and Pirates fan. I only wish the Buccos could have won a wild card game for him. Even in failing health I could tell them losing bothered him.

He along with Aunt Mildred loved my sons and were fixtures at their ball games. Uncle John especially loved watching them play baseball. He and Aunt Mildred celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary watching Loyalsock play Hughesville. Uncle John was especially proud of an article Chris Masse wrote about that day. His love of Aunt Mildred, my son Jimmy and baseball all coming together as one. Thank you Chris.

Uncle John was a Grandfatherly figure to Jimmy and Hunter but he treated them both like his own sons. He smiled ear to ear when Hunter was young watching him swing the bat. I remember him commenting to me, “Boy, does that young man attack a baseball.”

The Webb family was blessed to have Uncle John and Aunt Mildred move into our lives. They had lived in Yardley, PA until their twilight years.

Uncle John went home to the Lord last week. He was 93 years young. It was my honor to have known him. His obituary can be found on page 8.

Jim Webb

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