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A Mother’s Love Can Change the World

A Mother’s Love Can Change the World

God had a plan for women. This included the most important aspect for carrying on life in the mortal world — the ability to bear and nurture children. Only a woman can experience the complete creation of being, from the very beginning, to feeling that first kick, to bringing the miracle of life into the world. It’s truly remarkable when you think that the whole process only takes about 40 weeks. It’s truly remarkable the transformation a woman must go through during this period. God definitely had a plan, because there is no way a man could take on the challenges, pain, and selflessness of this journey.

Women change not only physically but psychologically during pregnancy. This is part of the plan of life. This is not often thought about or talked about in today’s world. A woman’s body obviously changes, as does her mental makeup. The whole process begins not too long after a woman becomes pregnant.

As this transformation takes place, a woman actually grows stronger physically, as her body lives for two. That Mother-bear instinct that everyone talks about, and unconditional love, occur long before the baby bursts into the world. Not to mention the instinctual nurturing and preparing for the unborn.

Unfortunately, during current times, the miracle of life and the blessing of women to God’s green Earth often go un-talked about. Every person you see today came into the world the same way and was carried and nurtured to birth by a woman.

That leads us to one of the most growing problems in today’s world. Being a maternal Mother and bringing another soul into this world doesn’t make you a Mom. The work of Motherhood and the responsibility of being a Mom truly begin after childbirth and are never-ending — no matter the age of her child.

Unfortunately, that mama bear instinct and aforementioned unconditional love are missing in way too many children’s lives. That unwavering presence, no matter of the situation that can only come from a Mom, has become absent way too often.

The rearing, nurturing, educating, and tough love only a Mom can give is of immeasurable importance. Being a Mom cannot be confused with only being a child’s best friend or part-time parent. A good Mom must be able to talk to her child about anything and give honest guidance, even though sometimes it hurts doing so. Motherhood and being a Mom have never been more difficult.

Fortunately, for many children, the Grandmother has become the maternal rock, raising and guiding the young. This most important role is often filled by a sister, aunt, best friend, or someone that has that Motherly instinct and love. A Motherly figure in one’s life is a true blessing no matter who fills the role.

A member of my Webb Weekly family is Alys Mingle. Several years ago, she moved back to our area. While living near Orlando, her best friend passed away tragically with young children. Alys unselfishly took on the responsibility of raising and Mothering three boys. What an amazing act of kindness and working for the good.

It’s a very difficult job being a Mom of teenagers in perfect circumstances, let alone in a situation like this. Although most difficult, Alys always answers the challenge the best she can, each and every day.

Last August, Alys became a Mother of her own child. Vincent came into the world and her loving arms at only 26 weeks. It was a touch-and-go situation as both Mom and baby were Life Flighted to Geisinger. Little Vincent spent the next 115 days in the NICU, Mom right by his side after she was released from hospital care. Alys received much help from her family and every day made two trips back-and-forth to home to take care of Anthony and Kaviko. Kalvin had gone away to college.

Talk about difficult days that try a person’s faith. Vincent, with Alys by his side, fought through; there were difficult nights when she prayed only for the next morning. There were times when she thought the tears would never end. With the help of the good people at Geisinger and the power of prayer, they made it home together.

Baby Vincent is now eight months old. He spends his time between home and the Mingle Family Daycare as Alys has returned to work. Although he has some catching up to do, he is as healthy as could be imagined. God Bless the little fellow.

Alys would l ike to give a special thanks to the March of Dimes for all they did during a most difficult time.

Happy Mother’s Day to Alys and all the Moms out there! Thank you to all that provide a Mother’s love and caring. Thank you for your unselfishness and all you do each day.

A special Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, my Stepmother Carol, my wife, Michelle, and my Mother-in-law, Theresa.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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