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Freedom and Time to Get Outdoors

Happy Summer! Yes, I know it hasn’t officially begun, but as I am penning this article it is 75° and the clock hasn’t rang 9 a.m. yet. My kind of weather! I hope it continues right on through November or at least Memorial Day weekend at this point. What an unusual year of weather we have been having.

Enjoy all the picnics, barbecues and parties. Get out and take in the great outdoors our West Branch Valley has to offer. I hear the fishing on the Susquehanna is unbelievable right now and tip of the turkey calls to those who have already bagged a big bird. Our area has some of the finest spring gobbler hunting in the Nation.

Take on whatever floats your boat; it may be a canoe down the Loyalsock. Make time this Summer to try something new. Nowhere on God’s green earth are there more hiking, biking, hunting, fishing — you name it, outdoor opportunities. Don’t let those electronic devices make you a couch potato and miss out on all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Let us not forget what Memorial Day is all about. A Webb Weekly salute and remembrance for all who have paid the ultimate price for these very freedoms. Take the time to say a prayer of thanks for those brave soldiers and their families. And also for peace to avoid someone else missing from the Memorial Day softball game.

We are blessed to have the finest military in the world and it begins with the good folks who serve and put their lives on the line. The men and women around the globe that preserve and protect our freedom each and every day. In a time when too many young patriots’ lives are lost in some hellhole I can’t even spell, take the time to not only reflect, but to thank those who don’t want to be remembered on Memorial Day.

We need to hold our government accountable and make sure our Armed Forces are provided the finest equipment, leadership, healthcare and compensation. Who is more important than those that protect our very existence and freedom?

We have never had more threats from around the world and from such a wide variety of evil. From North Korea to the lone wolf jihadist the list goes on and on…
What makes our Country different is that we are One Nation Under God. We can never forget this. We need to return to honoring and praising our Lord for everything we are blessed with just like our forefathers did and intended.

A sincere thank you for the over 1.2 million armed service members that have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the United States of America. Please educate our young people that there is an extreme price for freedom.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

Just to refresh your memory, an everyday player is someone who is hardworking, dedicated and answers the bell every day with a smile on their face and a willingness to help folks. They can be from any walk of life and are individuals who usually fly under the radar, but are depended upon to make our lives easier and better.

Tip of the cap to Tom Barnes who is currently the general manager of Steve Shannon Tire and Automotive in Southside. Tom has been in the automotive industry for over 30 years and has worked in almost every aspect of the business. He has had the Southside store as his responsibility since it opened a few years back.

Tom has always had a passion for the auto industry and helping people. He definitely follows the verbiage, “the customer is always right”. He goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are taken care of in a timely and price effective manner. He has developed a friendship and trust with almost everybody who crosses his path, he truly enjoys helping people.

Tom has a passion for wrestling, as do his sons. He coached for many years in Hughesville. He served as president of the Hughesville Wrestling Booster Club for years. He devoted much time to coaching youth football, where he dedicated his time in both Williamsport and Hughesville. I know from coaching against, him his teams were always well prepared and taught the fundamentals of the game. Tom also enjoyed slow pitch softball for years.

Tom and his wife Christine live in Hughesville and together have five children and four grandchildren.

“I love our area and the people. I have always approached whatever I’m doing to help others and enjoy doing the best job I can,” Tom noted.

Thanks Tom and keep up the great work.

Jim Webb

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