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From the Publisher… A Ringing Remembrance

The most wonderful time of year is underway up and down the West Branch Valley. To say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is an understatement. It is great, in the world of today, that our area still has so much Christmas spirit and a great understanding of the reason for the season. Make sure you get out and enjoy all the great holiday events going on. Most can be found within our pages. Also check your church bulletin for concerts, Christmas events, and ways you can help make the season special.

That familiar sound of the ringing bell and sight of the red kettle always takes my thoughts to my friend Dave Sechler. He was truly one of the good guys. Each year we try to remember his lifelong efforts and commitment to the Salvation Army. Please continue the Red Kettle remembrance of Dave with whatever donation you can make. Even just adding that change in your pocket to the kettle as you are passing by can make a difference. Larger donations can be mailed to the Salvation Army at 457 Market Street, Williamsport, PA 17701. If you’d like, just mark them “Remembering Dave”. All donations made to the Salvation Army stay right here at home for our local folks that need them.

You may recall that along with the help of Major Don Spencer, Mr. Tony Perrotta, and the Salvation Army Board of Directors, we had the gymnasium named in his honor. Dave spent countless hours managing the facility. He helped with all events at the Sal, but was especially fond of basketball. This past fall I was able to have the gym floor refinished, something I know would be near and dear to Dave’s heart. It not only helps out the basketballers from not slipping and sliding all over, but this area is also used for a multitude of events — many helping children. Tip of the cap to Kurt Fink and Steve Wenzel for helping me with the project.

I know Dave Sechler would not want us to stop here. He was a tireless worker. So, any way you can help out the Salvation Army would be greatly appreciated, including the gift of volunteering time.

If you are looking for an excellent place for your group to play basketball, please contact Steve at the Salvation Army at 570-326-9187.

The Salvation Army’s 15th Annual Festival of Trees is underway in the Lycoming Mall. The beautifully decorated trees can be found near Center Court. Please stop by and cast your vote for your favorite trees. This is another great event the community really gets behind. The auction of the trees will be held December 8th at 7:00 p.m. You can take the tree, all the decorations, and whatever great gift theme goes with it right on home in time for Christmas! Another tip of the Santa cap to auctioneer Mike Roan for donating his time and effort to the event for another season.

We have so many great organizations locally that can use your help, and I know sometimes it can be overwhelming. Please only do what you can do. Again, the gift of donating time is one that every nonprofit organization can use in today’s world. I believe it is important to set an example for our young folks to help others. What a great message to pass along this Christmas season.
Turn Out the Lights…

Well, the football equipment has been collected and another season is in the books. Along with Cable Sports Productions, PA Sports Live and Chris Masse of the Sun-Gazette, I would like to thank all the local coaches, players and school districts for welcoming us into your communities. All the Games of the Week and episodes of Touchdowns and Tailgates are archived and can be watched at your convenience at

Thank you for your viewership and love of local high school football. It is you that makes it all possible! Please support the local businesses that help bring the games into your home.

Our area coaches, teachers, and parents are doing an outstanding job with our young people. This has nothing to do with the results on the football field, but everything to do with the fine young gentlemen I interview. From the biggest school in the area, Williamsport, to over the mountain to Montgomery, the smallest school. We are truly blessed by those representing their communities.

Great job by all those that make Friday Night Lights so special.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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