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Guess Who’s Paying for the Inauguration?

Friday will bring the inauguration of our Nation’s 45th President, Mr. Donald John Trump. I pray we all can come together as one and move forward as One Nation Under God. If you’re like me, you’re tired of seeing the division brought to us by the network of your choice. The Republicans and Democrats need to stop blaming and start solving.

I cannot believe how fellow Republicans went after Mr. Trump’s nominations for cabinet, especially Mr. Marco Rubio. Folks, this politics as usual mentality must stop. It knows no party affiliation; it is about selfishness, grandstanding and individual agenda.

As Washington, D.C. prepares for the inauguration and the celebration that follows I have just one question. Why are ‘We the People’ footing the bill for a $175-200 million party? And you know security and the cost of putting the city in ‘lockdown mode’ aren’t even in that number.

This has always been ridiculous in my eyes and mind. President Barack Obama spent $170 million on his first inauguration effort in 2009. This, like most every problem inside the beltway, is bipartisan. If President-elect Trump or President Obama wants to spend close to $200 million to celebrate their swearing in, let them take it out of their own wallet. Let the Republican or Democratic parties pick up the tab. But not one taxpayer dollar should be used other than for the actual raise your right hand formal swearing in ceremony.

Inauguration day is mandated by the Constitution of the United States for the person elected to office to make an oath of affirmation before said person can ‘enter on the execution’ of the office of presidency. The ceremony takes place on the White House grounds and is a patriotic and classy representation of America and the election of our new president. It should not cost the American taxpayer hundreds of millions to be what it has become.

If you want lavish entertainment like Katy Perry or the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir it’s your choice and your expense. It should never fall back on the American people to pay for an episode of lifestyles of the rich and famous. No matter if Republican or Democrat.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if after completing the oath of office President Donald Trump announced he was saving our Country $200 million on the festivities and immediately going to work for the American people?

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

It’s hard to believe our first everyday player for 2017 has been the head boys’ basketball coach for the Williamsport Millionaires for the past 14 seasons. Wow, does time fly. It seems like only yesterday I was watching a young Allen Taylor grow up in Loyalsock Township and play for Coach Pete White and the Millionaires.

Remember our everyday player is a person in the community that works hard and contributes on a constant basis at helping others. These folks often fly under the radar, or you may not see the full picture of what this individual does. Coach Allen Taylor epitomizes this each and every day.

He obviously is in a high-profile role as the headman for the Cherry and White. He is a role model and mentor for many of his young players that need just that. He has the right mix of toughness and leadership to mold the young players of today into young men through accountability and hard work. He had success at South Williamsport before returning to his alma mater as the head coach. He leads by example and understands there’s a bigger picture than just winning basketball games.

The side most folks don’t get to see is a dedicated math teacher at Williamsport High School. Mr. Taylor started teaching in the WASD in 1999. He now spends most of his time with freshman and sophomores in the classroom. He’s making a great impact with young folks on and off the court.

Coach Taylor and wife April have two children Shyla and Trevan. They attend Antioch Baptist Church and are active within the community.

I must also give Coach Taylor a tip of the cap as being the area’s best-dressed coach. He puts most of the coaches in the NBA to shame with his style.

Great job Allen! Thank you for all you do in helping the youth of today. You are an example of class, dignity and doing things the right way.

Jim Webb

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