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Absolute Presidential Absurdity

As I had written when Joe Biden was elected President, I would give him the opportunity to get to work for the American people before I passed any judgment on his job performance. President Biden now has the first quarter of 2021 under his belt, and my pen has been burning up to let you know my thoughts.

Before I get started, I have been asked on numerous occasions the following, who is really running our Nation? Who is behind the President’s policy, thoughts, ideas, and actions? Does anybody really believe that this man in the twilight of his life has the mental capabilities of understanding the Executive Orders he is signing?

There is one thing that is blatantly obvious; President Joe Biden is only that by title. He is being used as the frontman for a beyond socialistic agenda decades in the making. The people controlling President Biden would probably be better off using a cardboard cutout and a voiceover to deceive the American people. The national media would say nothing about it. They would do everything to convince “We the People” it was really President Biden.

It was 64 days into our 46th President’s beginning before he took the podium to answer questions. His press conference lasted a little over an hour, and it was an absolute sheep show. I cannot believe that man and all the people behind him have the nerve and audacity to utter the words government transparency and accountability. Are you kidding me!

A completely scripted press conference. The President was provided with the reporter’s name, the question, and his response. This is a hard copy overview which he had at the podium, and President Biden still could not execute the scripted and practiced press conference. Pretty scary stuff, my friends. How any American citizen can watch and listen to this and not be outraged is beyond me.

It will take me a couple of editorials to cover everything the Biden Presidency has done to undermine our Nation in the first 90 days. Let’s begin with his joking about the immigration problem during that press conference, “I guess I should be flattered by the people coming here just because I’m a nice guy.” What a terrible attempt at humor.

People are coming here because he was elected and is President. In his first days in the Oval Office, the people running President Biden did everything possible to repeal all that was controlling a potentially volatile situation at the Mexican/American border. Was this done as a complete hatred of Donald Trump by the Democratic Party or part of the long-term plan to overwhelm our national elections in favor of a socialistic agenda? That’s a story for another day.

The true humanitarian crisis created at the border is tragic and has never been worse. The money being made by human traffickers, drug cartels, and organized crime has never been more. This is simply the facts, not what the media or the President will tell you, but what is reality. This has been caused by those behind President Biden orchestrating the overturning of former President Trump’s policy through executive order and Partisan Politics within the House and Senate.

Just in March alone, almost 18,000 unaccompanied minors and over 170,000 total immigrants crossed the southern border. These are staggering numbers, a 70% increase to what had occurred in the month prior. Heading up the list of people pointing their fingers at the Biden Presidency for creating the problem are US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Let’s move on to President Joe Biden, House Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s 1.9 trillion-dollar American Rescue Plan, or COVID stimulus package, as most folks call it. There is absolutely no way President Biden has any clue of what’s actually in there. It’s difficult for me to research it and find out. This should tell you all you need to know in the technological world of today we live in. It’s politics, as usual, benefitting those that voted for it; this intended to move forward the agenda of those behind it.

The mainstream media has made it sound like Americans have won the lottery. Big Brother and Uncle Joe wanna take care of everyone and make the Nation better. What a bunch of window dressing for the biggest pork bill ever passed.

When you look at a $1,400 check for eligible Americans, this is a drop in the bucket compared to the $1.9 trillion that was legislated. Again, government overstepping its intended fiscal bounds, and spending gone wild. How about this, a $1.9 trillion-dollar bailout package that goes entirely to the American people that work, have retired, veterans, or sincerely need it. Put the money in the hands of people who are proven responsible enough to work for our Nation’s good. They will use the money for charity, giving to those in need, and showing love for fellow Americans. The American people are the most generous in the world and take care of people.

To reward the non-working an extra $300 in unemployment benefits encourages just one thing — them not going back to work. To award people not even looking for a job with continued Federal Assistance will only encourage them not to work. We should always take care of Americans who are down on their luck or really do need a helping hand. This is a given.

I am out on the local streets every day, the unemployment rate in Lycoming County could be 0 for those capable of working. There are more jobs available than people to fill them. This is present in every industry. Too many people are taking the money and running to buy a new big screen to watch while sitting at home instead of going back to work where they are desperately needed.

How can any common-sense American think this is going to end well? Our federal government cannot continue to just print money like this is one supersized game of monopoly. Our federal government cannot continue to reward lack of effort over the effort of the American worker.

To be continued next week.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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  • Jann Yontz
    April 14, 2021, 4:22 pm

    Bravo for putting into print what is actually happening in our country!

  • Therese Molesky
    April 18, 2021, 8:48 am

    Thank you for writing what is taking place in Washington! I look forward to reading your next editorial!