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Facts, Fiction and You’re Fired, Governor Wolf and Dr. Levine

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on it to Mr. Paul Butters who reached out to me and was very disappointed that there would be no traditional Memorial Mass and Remembrance at Saint Boniface Cemetery. For whatever reason, the guidelines the Catholic Church are following deems it nonessential per Governor Wolf. I’m going to leave that alone. What I’m not going to leave alone is the efforts of Mr. Butters in organizing a Memorial Day Remembrance in honor of our fallen, which he approached as his patriotic duty in honor of not just our fallen heroes but as a service to our living veterans that hold this event near and dear to their heart.

The event will have already taken place as you’re reading this, but please always remember the fallen and honor our living servicemen and women every day. A simple “thank you for your service” goes a long way. And give a shoutout to Mr. Butters if you see him.

I’m going to switch hats here just so this doesn’t get redundant. A tip of my Red, White, and Blue Damn Proud to be an American hat to Mr. Tim Miller. I attended a meeting for the local small business community he organized to educate and unite these special folks about the COVID-19 debacle. So many of our restaurant owners, barbers, and stylists, salon owners, self-employed, and chasers of the American Dream have been put between a rock and a hard spot by Governor Wolf’s decision making.

I am passionate in my stance with all these folks; their businesses should have never been closed down per their constitutional rights. Trust in We the People to make the proper decision to patronize, worship, or close a business or church.

For more information about Tim Miller’s effort and some great local folks that are working along his side, go to Facebook and join Lycoming County Non-Essential Businesses for Liberty.

A double hat tip to Lycoming County DA Ryan Gardner. DA Gardener was at the meeting and stated his stance. He, “will not take action against businesses that reopen against state orders.” He stressed the uptick in narcotic activity and violent crime that requires his office to diverge from enforcing Governor Wolf’s reopening restrictions. “To help ensure the continued safety and welfare of all county residents, the allocation of his office’s resources must be applied to the prosecution of criminals engaging in violent and drug-related activities. Business owners in this position are not criminals, and it’s unfair to hang over their heads the threat of prosecution for violations of the governor’s orders.”

DA Gardener is exactly what America needs in its elected. This support of our local business community will not be forgotten. I probably should not write this, but it took a huge set to take this stance publicly!

The newly elected DA is doing a great job for the citizens of Lycoming County.

Onto some facts from Lycoming County Coroner Charles Kiessling. At press time, there were 155 COVID-19 cases recorded since February. We have had 17 deaths in Lycoming County. All the deaths have been nursing home residents who had severely compromised health conditions prior to contracting the virus.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Manor Care Jersey Shore residents, staff, and their families. Eighty-four individuals at this facility have tested positive for COVID-19. This has resulted in 16 residents passing.

My quick math — 114,000 residents of Lycoming County, 17 deaths. A mortality rate of point .0001. Ninety-three of the reported 155 are in the Jersey Shore area or 61%. So, there are 59 cases spread across the other 1,000 or so square miles of Lycoming County.

My official unofficial report of the numbers — because some may not reveal if they tested positive for the disease — 0-cases involving grocery store employees, restaurant workers, barbers-stylists-hairdressers. Do you know anybody that has tested positive? That is not elderly or of compromised health? 80% of the deaths nationwide are elderly within nursing care and rehabilitation facilities.

The governor, the Department of Health, and all these scientists and experts predicting this data must be held accountable. Their batting average is .250, not to mention their cooking of the books of the actual numbers.

We have put the state of Pennsylvania and our Nation into a crisis that has never been seen in American history over nonfactual information provided by these so-called experts and elected leaders. The truth must be told. Governor Wolf, Dr. Levine, you should be the first to be fired and then charged.

It is my belief the Coronavirus moved through our area in January and February. Not that it can’t have a resurgence, not that there won’t be more positive tests and death, because there will be. I believe the high point of the virus in our area was during this time period. I pray to God that we’ll all have built natural immunities by being exposed, that is the only proven way for a human being to be protected.

The non-common sense way our government, many corporate businesses, and fellow Americans have gone about addressing this pandemic is beyond comprehension. With absolutely 0 scientific facts of support or knowledge through the collection of accurate data and the application of common sense being used for decision making.

No one in our area was wearing masks when I believe the virus went through our area or up to the point Governor Wolf crossed our constitutional boundaries and demanded the closure of businesses based upon his determination of essential or nonessential and declaring all to wear a mask. So, I’m to believe that not one grocery store worker in Lycoming County, one barber or anybody, was infected prior to that period other than basically everyone that resides or works in the nursing home?

We all need to wake up to the reality that there is going to be death caused by the virus, and certain Americans are more at risk. We can never again react this way. We must reopen America immediately, learn from our mistakes, and practice safe space and common sense — which should occur every day anyways. If we do this, our Great Nation can return to pre-COVID normality.

Yes, I believe we can go back to being the United States of America before this event. There is absolutely no reason why we can’t other than fear — false evidence against reality — an overzealous government exceeding their intended powers, and the mainstream media, which is treasonous.

It is entirely up to “We the People” to determine if we’ll be the Land of the Free or the home of the afraid.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Mark Worthington
    May 29, 2020, 9:05 pm

    Awesome article, it’s what I have believed and said all along. Too many people put their trust in the wrong places and throw common sense out the window!!