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Remembrance and Vigilance

Thirteen years have passed since the World Trade Center defined the New York City skyline along with the Empire State building. They made the “city that never sleeps” silhouette the most famous in the world. You couldn’t help but get excited as you headed into the city and saw the modern day marvel of the twin towers set against the Manhattan sky. The energy of New York City would be felt even before setting foot inside city limits.

The early morning of 9/11/2001 began as a beautiful, sundrenched late summer day. Not a cloud in the sky and not a thought in anyone’s mind on what was about to happen…

When the first plane hit the North Tower the first reports were a small plane had crashed into the WTC and it was thought to be an aviation accident. Seventeen minutes later when United flight 175 ripped through the South Tower there was no question, America was under attack.

Who could ever forget the tragic events of that day? To witness innocent people become casualties of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda’s Jihad against our country. The unimaginable act of flying passenger planes into skyscrapers and the Pentagon; Flight 93 attempted attack heroically ending in Pennsylvania or another target would have been hit; to watch the World Trade Centers crumble in a cloud of dust and smoke. The fear and panic that spread across our country as everyone was wondering what was next.

After that day we should never be caught with our guard down. To know terrorism by an Islamic terrorist group had reached American soil. To know that they want to kill Americans and destroy America and would commit such an evil, cowardly act in the name of Jihad. To know groups like Al Qaeda and the Taliban would always be out there and the United States and Israel are their primary targets. We can never forget 9/11 and what we all felt that day. In the name of the innocent victims, first responders and the military men and women who fought and gave their lives post 9/11 we can never forget that day!

President Bush was a strong leader during some of the darkest days in American history. He made it his mission statement to protect and provide a safe homeland. His “War on Terror” and his promise to make them pay for their actions was exactly what our country needed. It is a credit to him and all in Congress, Republican and Democrat, that they put the political partisanship aside and united America in a sense of patriotism and determination to fight evil and make our country the leader in the battle against Islamic extremists and the terror they spew around the world.

Osama bin Laden was finally tracked down and eliminated under President Obama’s tenure. That is why it is hard for me to believe President Obama our Commander in Chief is asleep at the switch. His number one job is to protect and defend our nation. After 9/11 how can he be so oblivious to the threat of ISIS, Hamas or any Islamic terrorist group? It is their goal to make 9/11 the second worst terrorist act in American history.

Mr. President, allow your Secretary of Defense and military leaders to use today’s intel and modern weaponry and go after ISIS. The only boots on the ground should be those of Special Forces and counterintelligence operatives. By going on the offense it will put ISIS on the defensive and take away their ability to plan, organize and carry out their objectives. Think about Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, when they were running and hiding for their lives. Terror and planning terror is much tougher when someone is shooting at you. Hopefully our military is carrying out a plan of attack against ISIS as you are reading this. The NATO Conference was taking place as I penned this and I believe they will urge President Obama to action. Action should have occurred months ago.

A serious problem facing President Obama and our nation is the lack of respect world leaders have for him. His inability to be a strong leader who logically and firmly addresses issues doesn’t play well on the world stage. Simply put, no one fears President Obama or our nation. Without fear of action against aggression or terrorism no one like Vladimir Putin or ISIS will take President Obama seriously.

Vice President Joe Biden stated he knew about ISIS over a year ago. After what happened on 9/11 how can our President allow a group like ISIS to get a foothold and become a full-scale threat to the United States? It is this perception that renders him weak and makes our nation appear vulnerable to other nations and to groups like ISIS.

I really hope ISIS and our ignorance of their presence in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East was not due to President Obama’s commitment to his liberal constituents to cut our military, remove our troops from Iraq and avoid conflict. It is this type of liberal elitist thinking that we can achieve world peace through hugs and diplomacy that will take our eye off the ball to prevent further terrorist attacks.

ISIS wants us dead, don’t ignore or think you are going to reason. No partisan politics, address the issue as quickly as you can.

What further worries me is President Obama and the aforementioned liberals that promote all nations should be equal and peace should be promoted through a new world order.

Our peace and our future will be determined by the military and financial strength of our country. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a threat to national security. If our military is not the finest, most well equipped and trained fighting force we are in trouble.

Also just as important is our leadership, and it begins with the Commander in Chief. If we do not focus on our economy and gaining back financial independency we are in trouble. We should never want to be anything than the greatest nation on earth. No new world order, no kowtowing to any other nation or terrorist group.

We need to put political partisanship aside, as in those days that followed 9/11. We need to focus on being the United States of America. If we cannot do this there are tough days ahead. We are at a point in history where it must become us against the world, not the Republicans against the Democrats.

Take a moment to pray for the families and loved ones of those lost on 9/11. Never forget these folks and what happened to them on that day. Also give thanks for our military men and women who protect our Nation at home and abroad, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Thank you to all that organize, ride and support our annual 9/11 Memorial Coalition Ride. What a great way to respect, honor, remember and show patriotism. Take some time, get out and support the event.

Safe riding and God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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