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I have always made myself available to everyone with my contact information available on page 4. I encourage people to call or text me. Many email. This often leads to coffee, lunch, or a meeting in my conference room. I am not a believer in social media, although Webb Weekly can be found there.

My column last week received an overwhelming amount of attention. As always, I tried to reply to everyone. Most that responded were positive, some had questions, and then there were those upset beyond belief. All of the latter seem to be focused on one paragraph.

The intention of my column “No Number of Wrongs Ever Justify a Right” was a positive way to completely denounce violence and mob mentality in every way — no matter the cause. When any assembled protest crosses the line of peaceful, it’s wrong. In addition, I appeal to everyone to come together in support of our Nation. Along the way, I touched on our Constitution, Mitch McConnell, and the dangers of a mob mentality going unchecked. I never thought my article would be perceived as a way to divide, insult, or anger, anyone.

After talking with a gentleman for over an hour and confirming his thinking with people that know me well, I understood, and it all made sense. I thought those that read me know who I am and would never waiver from my beliefs. However, in today’s world of mistrusting the media and people just being flat out fed up, I learned again why to never assume. So, just a reminder, I love God, Country, and Family. I stand by the Constitution as intended. I always vote for the best candidates no matter what party. I am completely grounded in conservative, moderate thinking, as I believe the majority of our Nation is. I understand why most conservative, beyond conservative, including President Trump supporters, are angered beyond belief with government, media, and their voice being ignored.

I believe both parties have failed the American people through greed and hunger for power. I have written more times than I can count that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by a far-left socialistic extremist minority, made possible by the media’s support. I understand through my upbringing that democrats are very proud, and although many feel exactly like I do, would never vote for Donald Trump. This is due to his personal flaws, how he has been portrayed, and the mainstream media’s overall hatred.

I see the Nation I love, America, coming apart at the seams. I want better for my children and grandchildren. Last week’s column was intended to be a cry for peace, unity, and getting things done the right way. Unfortunately, I missed the mark by one paragraph.

The paragraph that infuriated many referred to President Trump and was written long before many current facts had come to light due to deadline issues. No matter who or what I am writing about, I usually do a much better job of gathering information and allowing the situation to play out before I put pen on paper.

Like most, I was frustrated over the actions of a few that crossed the line on Capitol Hill. It was my gut feeling this would empower the Nancy Pelosis, Chuck Schumers, and so on.

I anticipated it would be the dagger targeting President Trump that many elected officials had been looking for. Both Democrat and Republican.

Never would have thought invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment was possible at deadline time. I totally denounce and disagree with either and would never side with Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. With all that needs done in our Country, I’m disgusted time is being wasted on an attempt to put the last nail in President Trump’s coffin. And that clearly is the Democratic Party and beyond’s motivation. Not to mention if those in Congress can get this done this fast, why does everything else take forever!

The other thing that has become more probable is what I wrote about mob mentality, and President Trump’s influence is inaccurate. As I have learned the timeline and what actually occurred, I believe certain individuals showed up with bad intentions. This, coupled with the newly released information that the FBI had knowledge of what was going to occur, failed to be proactive.

Now regarding the trolls, moles, and haters that live on social media. How about the golden rule? If you don’t have something nice to say to somebody, don’t put it out there. If something is really important, contact the individual directly, not by a cowardly keyboard tactic for the public to view. To those that use social media to pile on, grind an ax, or take a shot of opportunity, God help you. Here’s an idea, use the negative effort to do something positive in the world.

So, that being said. I’m not a traitor or turncoat. I will never be in bed with Nancy Pelosi. I have and never will sell out to the mainstream media/CNN. Nor am I a domestic terrorist. No, aliens have not abducted and brainwashed me into socialism.

I would never play both sides of the aisle against each other. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me anytime.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Carol McCarty
    January 22, 2021, 8:49 pm

    My family enjoys reading your editorial every week. You are always right on the way we feel about the things you write. It has got to be a very scary world that we live in and it is so nice to be able to read a paper that is not afraid to mention God, which you and your writers do. I just wanted to thank you and tell you what a good job you all do. I am afraid that we are in for a hard time, but we know that God is still the one in control. May God bless you all for the inspiration that you give us in your writings.