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An Act of Evil

Our publication had already gone to press prior to the horrific act that took place in Las Vegas. So first I would like to express our heartfelt thoughts of sympathy and prayers for the victims, families, and their loved ones of this senseless act of violence.

The most asked question about the attack is simply, why? What was the motive? How could anyone portray such carnage on innocent people? I can only reply with — there is definitely a battle of good versus evil going on each and every day. In the world of today, you see evil acts on a regular basis and become desensitized to them until something this dark and unimaginable occurs. Even if a motive is uncovered, it doesn’t change the facts, pain, and suffering. We must all unite and work for the power of good as One Nation Under God. We must understand neither good nor evil are prejudiced.

If someone is going to massacre innocent concertgoers, unfortunately, I don’t believe any law on the book will prevent such a tragedy. They have already chosen to break “Thou shalt not kill.” The thought that politicians have that they can control violence by simply changing the Second Amendment is unrealistic. An individual that wants to betray the laws of democracy can do so by the very freedom we are all blessed with as Americans. In today’s world, they can find, build or purchase their weapons of choice with that cell phone we all have.

We the people cannot expect the government to solve the problems of today. We must be vigilant, not afraid to report something out of the ordinary and understand the evil that is around us. Our government turning everything into a political football must stop.

As you know, I support and believe in our Second Amendment Rights, however, we must use common sense in the world of today. Our forefathers could have never imagined the weaponry that’s now available. Even though a gun has never killed anybody, we must have realistic gun laws. Anything in relationship to an automatic rifle or creation of a “machine gun” should be illegal. Anything posted on the Internet in reference to such should be illegal. Preventing the availability of assault-style, fully automatic weapons should be a no-brainer.

Why would anyone need one? Again though, this is about legislation and common sense. I don’t think those that commit such evil acts are going to follow man’s law.
I believe the future of our Nation is dependent on folks from all walks of life being able to love each other as children of God and American citizens. Political affiliation needs to be forgotten in the name of God Bless America.

We must understand each other, and agree to disagree on certain issues, but we cannot allow the very freedom we are blessed with to be used to destroy our Nation. “We the People” have the power to fight together in the name of good as the great diverse Nation we have grown into over 241 years. Remember our Nation and democracy as we know it are still young compared to most of the world.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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