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Penn’s Woods and Water

A few leaves have begun to turn and soon beautiful reds, yellows and oranges will color the countryside. The calendar now officially reads fall.

Although I am not excited about the short days and cooler temperatures, it’s a good time to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

If you are a hunter, your favorite time of the year has arrived, beginning with the archery season. There are not many places in the world that offer the variety of hunting our great state does. There are the monster bucks that the skilled archer gets first crack at and flocks of turkey can be spotted everywhere. If you want that trophy gobbler, he’s out there. If you just want a roasted wild turkey dinner, it shouldn’t be a problem. What about bears? There are too many of them. Big bears that enjoy wreaking havoc with my garbage toter and smaller bears that enjoy bird feeders.

I hear many stories about bruins in my travels. A nice lady named Donna has already begun her bear season. I met her at the Pit Stop during a recent oil change. She recently harvested two nice bears. Now that I have the Game Commission’s attention, since bear season has not come in yet – her weapon of choice was her Chrysler Town & Country van. She warns me all drivers need to watch for bears.

Back to great hunting opportunities. If you are lucky enough to draw an elk tag in the annual PA Lottery, let me know. I’d love to do a story about a local hunter participating in our state’s elk season. I never thought I would be talking about trophy elk in the Keystone State.

There are more squirrels, rabbits, doves and small game critters than any hunter could ask for. If you want to get after foxes and coyotes they’re out there too.
Mountain lions, you ask? Well, let’s not go there. I’m still waiting for one that’s been taken on Pennsylvania soil to show up at Webb Weekly.

If you have a young hunter, I can’t think of anywhere that has more chances of success than our home state and local area. Get them out there; take the time to pass down the knowledge to the next generation. Whether or not you bag or tag the target of the day, the time you share with that young person will be remembered.
Good luck. May you enjoy a safe and successful hunting season.

Mike O’Brien would be upset if I didn’t mention all the great autumn fishing to be enjoyed. Loyalsock Creek with the banks lined with fall foliage is my personal favorite. But wherever you fish in the spring and summer, give it a try this time of year. Water temperatures are still warm and fish are still active. Obviously fishing pressure has decreased so there is a great chance that something might be biting.

Mike’s article this past week was on National Hunting and Fishing Day, Sept. 28th, its significance and the money raised by hunters and anglers to support the outdoors each and every year.

What better way to teach young anglers and hunters about the outdoors and preservation of the environment than a morning of hunting and an afternoon of fishing? Share with them the secrets and strategy of the hunt or fishing trip, but more importantly, the values and commitment to the conservation of our natural and wild resources.

Get Well

My Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Mildred moved up to our area form Bucks County nearly twenty years ago. They wanted to be with and near family. At the time, they were in their seventies, although you would never have guessed it.

They became regulars at my father’s house for holidays, picnics, and ballgames – most family events. As time passed it seemed they had lived here their whole lives, not just their later years.

As my boys got older they have attended many ballgames – Uncle John has a true passion for sports and a love for baseball.

Now in their nineties, John and Mildred spent their 61st wedding anniversary watching Jimmy and his Lancer teammates win over Hughesville this past baseball season.

I know uncle John wasn’t real wild about Hunter dyeing his hair blond for West End’s trip to regionals this past summer, but he said it looked nice and he ‘fit in’ with Aunt Mildred. See, Hunter’s hair was dark and it became more red than blond, sharing the same hair color with Aunt Mildred. Uncle John used his wit in commenting on Hunter’s ‘new’ color.

My sons truly love Uncle John. They have been bonded together by family and baseball.

Unfortunately Uncle John isn’t doing very well, time is catching up to him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him. We hope he gets well enough to enjoy his beloved Pirates as they make their run in the playoffs.

Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Mildred for making that move. You have truly touched our lives. Get Well and God Bless. Take the time to visit or call the more seasoned member of your family. It will be greatly appreciated by all.

Jim Webb

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