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There is a Wolf After Your Wallet

The absolute best thing that has happened for Governor Tom Wolf is that all eyes have been on Washington and President Donald Trump. Including mine. It’s time to have a quick catch up on what’s going on in Harrisburg. Governor Wolf in sheep’s clothing has begun his third year in office. There has not been many times in the history of the Keystone State that we have had a worse financial outlook. His liberal ideals of over taxation and regulation of business and expecting the working to pay for everyone and everything else becomes more apparent every time he attempts to have a budget passed by the General Assembly. The elected officials from our area have done a great job not caving to Mr. Wolf and political pressure.

The current projected difference between revenue and actual costs projected for this year appear to be in the neighborhood of $700 million. The final number will be much higher due to the cost of medical assistance programs and state pension costs. The good news is, Governor Wolf struck out the last two times he tried to come up with big money tax increases to offset his big money ideas. The bad news is, Pennsylvania still faces the projected $700 million in the hole and what to do about it for the next year. The problem with any of Governor Wolf’s ideas is they deter economic growth and self-sufficiency for our state. We need to make PA friendly again to the natural gas industry, corporate America, and especially the small business owners. This is what will build your tax base and provide jobs for those who want to work.

He will never do what is necessary by cutting giveaway programs, the size and cost of government to manage our state and hold fellow Pennsylvanians responsible for their own decision-making. There are flat out too many hands in the working person’s wallet.

The closing of state correctional institutions is ridiculous as a fix for the budget. There is not enough prison space statewide and he is going to take away cells along with good paying jobs of those in the Department of Corrections? I do think he is on the right track by consolidating of state agencies. The problem is finding the correct ones that duplicate services or that manage similar programs and not using this approach as a political football.

There is one thing for sure, Governor Wolf needs to follow the lead from President Trump and listen to our elected conservative representatives.

No matter if it’s Lycoming County, our state or the federal government we cannot continue down the Primrose financial path we are on. Our elected officials need to come to grips with reality by cutting away the pork of years of government growth, balancing a realistic budget and creating opportunity for economic growth by the private sector.

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Tip of the fluorescent orange hunting cap to Mr. Barry Sones. The Nightingale Shooting Preserve has been run by the Sones family for 50 years. Barry has been the owner for the last 15 seasons. He has continued a great tradition of pheasant, quail and chucker hunting for folks who love to get out and enjoy bird hunting. It is a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Barry suffered a traumatic injury in an accident in 2008. He wasn’t given much of a chance of recovery. What he has done in the wake of tragedy is truly remarkable. Most noteworthy he has made the Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior Program the champions of his cause. This is his way to say thanks to God, all that have helped him, and to help those amazing individuals who put everything on the line in the name of our freedom. Through his efforts of hunting and shooting trips along with his annual wild game dinner he has raised almost $50,000 for PA Wounded Warriors. He has traveled cross-country on bicycle, throughout Alaska and New Foundland raising funds with each mile covered for our servicemen and women who are in need.

His fifth annual wild game dinner is approaching on February 18th. Again, all proceeds will go right to the PA Wounded Warriors. What a great way to get out, enjoy some camaraderie and support a great cause.

Tommy Springman at The Country Store will be making up some caribou hot sausage sandwiches and mule deer bologna. There will also be venison, pheasant, wild boar, antelope and great side dishes and homemade baked goods.

There is also an auction with something sure to make the hunter, fisherman, cyclist or outdoorsman smile—including some great artwork from Ken Hunter and other local artists. Barry looks for auction donations right up to the time of the event. So if you would like to help out this is another great way to get involved.

Barry would like to thank everyone who comes together to help our protectors of freedom. It takes contributions from so many to make the event successful. He is, “Very honored and proud to help those who so often are forgotten about but should be taken care of for the sacrifices they have made for all of us.” Very well said, Barry.

Again, the event is February 18th at the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department. Doors open at 4 p.m., the great game dishes and so much more are served at 5 p.m. and the auction is at 6 p.m.

To attend the event or support our PA Wounded Warriors with a donation for the auction you can reach Barry at 570–419–4749 or

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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