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One Nation Under God

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Spring! Get out and enjoy all the local Irish spirit and flavor that can be found at local eateries. I enjoy a cup of potato soup with my corn beef on rye, thank you. I also look forward to the Webb family tradition of corn beef and cabbage my mother-in-law Teresa whips up every year.

Enjoy being Irish for a day or two. For those partaking in some green pints or a little Jameson’s please be careful out there. Do not drive and cast a dark shadow on a bright green and cheerful day.

No talk about the Presidential race, I’m sick of all of it. I should talk about the White Deer debacle, nope. Not going to. Maybe the fact Lycoming County really has a fourth County Commissioner who is not elected by “We the People,” but has decision-making power and takes home over $100,000 a year? No, not this week. Why no interest? Because I’m traveling this great Nation we are blessed to call home!

It began a couple of weeks ago with a quick weekend trip to Murfreesboro, North Carolina. My son Jimmy and his Lock Haven University teammates were on the road to take on Chowan University in the first hardball action of the season. It was a great weekend of baseball, friendship and enjoying the warmer weather.

I always enjoy the Southern hospitality and meeting new folks. Chowan, a small Christian school was an outstanding host. The one thing that got me right in my love of God, Country, family and baseball was how each game began.

“Please rise for today’s prayer and remain standing for the playing of our National Anthem. Let us pray. Father, thank you for the opportunity you have presented us with today and bringing these teams, their families, and their friends together safely. May both play without injury and demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the competition. Today’s game and all things are possible through Christ, Amen.”

Then they play the National Anthem. Wow! I had tears in my eyes. Every sporting event in our Country should begin with this prayer. No questions asked, if you don’t like it tough apple pie!

I can guarantee if voted on by the American people, this prayer along with the Star-Spangled Banner would get the overwhelming majority of votes to begin every sports contest.

Can you just imagine the liberal response? ABC News estimated recently that 83% of Americans are Christian. Yet the liberal politically correct movement continues to remove God and Christian Judeo beliefs from everything they can.

Here’s a thought – democracy is about majority. How about we stand and we pray and if you don’t like it you observe a quiet moment of meditation or pray to your God? We must stop cowering to political correctness and demand the same religious freedom the overwhelming minority gets.

The boys split two doubleheaders with Chowan and returned home for a week. I am blessed to have a wonderful team at the Webb Weekly, which allowed me to head back to North Carolina for spring break and another week of baseball with Coach Jim Chester’s gang. This time it was High Point, North Carolina and then Wilson, they played seven games in nine days.

The weather was outstanding, the baseball was like any early-season action – it had great moments and some not great moments. The two trips were a great way for the team to get some early-season games in good weather and build some team unity.

While traveling I always try to attend church on Sunday. In High Point I was a guest at the First United Methodist Church. I attended a contemporary service at the Alred Center, which is their informal chapel. I have always felt very welcome in going to church in my travels; these folks went above and beyond.

Again, the Southern hospitality was amazing. Every person sitting around me introduced themselves and welcomed me. The children’s Lenten project theme was Coats, Crayons and Coins to help the less fortunate folks in their community. The music provided by their New Beginning Praise Team was outstanding. Pastor John Fitzgerald’s message and interpretation of the parable, “The Prodigal Son”, was the best I’ve ever heard.

Why am I telling you this? Because like I so often find in my travels we are not alone people. The good people of North Carolina are God-fearing lovers of Country and the American way. I have visited almost every corner of the state over the years and it just gets better.

They love good food, good conversation and athletics. It doesn’t matter what color, religion or language you speak.

The racist, divided picture the news media wants us all to believe just is not so. It’s probably like how they want Christians to believe they’re a minority not the 83% majority.

Yes, I know about parts of Baltimore and St. Louis and so forth where there is tension and hostility. As I travel all these problems as seen on TV are just not there. They are the exception, not the norm.

I think the Obama administration, the media, and self appointed leaders like Al Sharpton are doing a deplorable job depicting what’s really out there in our Great Land.
Most Americans are truly kind individuals that extend friendship and a helping hand to their fellow Americans – no questions asked no matter where you are.

Fellow Americans love our Country and the freedom we are blessed with. Sure there are problems and obstacles to overcome there always will be. Most have been created by the greed of government corruption and the exaggerated reporting of the liberal news media, not “We the People.”

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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