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In a World Divided, We Need a Nation United

As I watched the report of Polish President Andrzej Duda pledging four MiG 29 fighter jets to Ukraine, I realized this high-stake game of poker had just been raised significantly. This made Poland the first NATO country to actually step forward to provide Ukraine fighter jets. In a twist of irony, the MiGs are actually Russian-made. Ukraine President Vladimir Zalinski has been all but begging President Joe Biden for the air support needed to defend his country for months.

I’m sure this decision had to be discussed with the NATO nations at the highest level, and President Biden must have signed off on this for it to move forward. The attempt to be involved in the war between Ukraine and Russia but not escalate the tensions to World War status just became much tougher for the Biden administration. Last week had already been tumultuous on the worldwide stage. A US M9 Drone was intercepted by a Soviet SU72 fighter over the Crimean Peninsula. The unmanned drone was eventually bumped in the rear propeller, crashing it into the Black Sea. It has been reported that the Soviets have nuclear submarines changing points of deployment off both American coasts.

With the recent spy-balloon incident, our Nation cannot just dismiss this as normal Soviet tactics to antagonize. It must be considered a more significant threat than just rattling our Navy’s cage.

North Korea and leader Kim Jong-un continue to move forward with a nuclear weapon program. It should come as no surprise they test-fired a missile this past week. What made this a little more alarming was the fact that it was a long-range ballistic missile fi red in response to South Korean President Suk Yeol’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It was the first time in 12 years leaders from the two countries met. It was being viewed as a mending the fences summit. This was made necessary by the threat of China to both.

The missile test off the east coast of North Korea was claimed a success by Kim Jongun. The missile eventually targeted and crashed into the Sea of Japan. Th is was not only an attempt to show the world what they now possess but signifying their allegiance with China. North Korea worries me as much as any National threat due to the instability of Kim Jong-un.

That gets me back to the four fighters pledged to Ukraine by Poland. You knew a Soviet and Chinese response would follow, and it came almost immediately. China’s President Xi Jinping would be traveling to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin. They would have a 3-day conference that is probably already done as you read this. China has claimed in the past they wanted to negotiate peace between Ukraine and Russia; I’m sure that’s what this is about.

These are only a few events that happened in the absence of world diplomacy this past week, but I hope this catches you up. As nations align themselves with each other, and in the case of South Korea and Japan, realign themselves, we move closer to the point of no return. This is where a single international incident could set off a catastrophic chain reaction.

What do you think the average life expectancy of those MiG fighters promised Ukraine will be once they leave Poland? They will become an immediate target to the Soviets and a prize to any pilot that shoots them down.

A more important question may be, what happens when one is shot down? What will President Biden’s and NATO’s reaction be then?

Maybe even more worrisome may be what occurs the next time a Russian Fighter perpetrates an act of aggression on an American aircraft ; maybe this one will actually have a pilot flying it.

Th is I can tell you with unwavering certainty — we are at a point in American history when we need the best leadership possible. We need the most qualified Americans serving in the most important positions. The adversity and division created over every issue must end.

Our leadership must put aside their differences and unite in the name of Freedom.

This is really not the column I wanted to write this week. I wanted to talk about all the great accomplishments happening across our area. The great wrestling efforts as featured on our cover; the amazing seasons had by local basketball teams. St. John Neumann and Meadowbrook Christian girls are still playing for a state championship. The Jersey Shore Bulldog ladies smiling and thanking all those that support their great season, as in the ad below, is much better than talking about Russia, China, or North Korea.

I penned this because I feel we all have a responsibility to our future generations to provide the best Nation possible. I believe that together, our Nation can accomplish anything, including taking on the world problems of today. However, we must get things turned around from the current direction
we’re heading.

When a team wins a championship, it doesn’t happen by accident; it is accomplished by a group of individuals working together for a common goal. This is a lesson of urgency we all need to realize.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb