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From Russia Without Love

No matter who has been the president of the United States, I have never had more concerns about an administration and those calling the shots behind the scenes than the Biden administration. However, with Vladimir Putin’s decision to declare war and invade Ukraine, it doesn’t seem the right time to start questioning the how, what, and whys of where our Nation’s being led. Things are moving way too fast in the region known as the former Soviet Union.

I want to give the effectiveness of President Biden’s plan of world unification and deep cutting sanctions against Putin’s evil actions enough time to play out.

As I watch all that report the news, create the news, and are actually living through this nightmare in Ukraine, I think it’s important to boil things down to the most simple facts of why this is happening. The press conferences, mainstream media, social media, and just the world, in general, seem to complicate things to the point where you don’t know what to believe.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been four United States presidencies in the making. When you put the puzzle pieces together of what has occurred during this time, no one should be surprised about Vladimir Putin’s aggression. You must also figure into this equation the European nations and neighbors of Russia turning a blind eye of optimism to what was really occurring.

Leaders within our Nation must stop pointing the finger of blame for what is occurring. It is of the utmost importance our elected come together to protect our freedom during a time of war. They must set partisan politics aside and work together through compromise for what is best to protect and improve life for the American people.

I remember watching in 1987 when President Ronald Reagan urged the leader of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, to “tear down that wall.” Surprisingly to most in 1989, Gorbachev did just that as there was celebration and optimism as the Berlin Wall fell. In the years that followed, the once mighty and powerful USSR returned to the 15 sovereign nations that make it up. This occurring for the first time since 1956 and the rise of communism that created the Soviet Union.

At present time Belarus and probably three other of the nations that made up the former Soviet Union would simply hand the keys of their government over to Vladimir Putin. The bottom line, without the help of the outside world, none of the former Soviet nations can defend themselves from invasion and being reclaimed in the name of Russia.

Ukraine has always been the first target on the Putin hit list. This is due to the three simple factors that every war since the beginning of creation has been waged upon. 1. Geographical location. 2. Strategic importance 3. Wealth and natural resources.

Simply put, if Ukraine were a barren wasteland, we wouldn’t be hearing anything about it.
On February 24th, when Putin gave the green light on the invasion of Ukraine, it told the world he believed Russia was untouchable. Yes, President Biden and the leaders of other nations could promise retaliation and hard-hitting sanctions in order to deter the invasion, but in Putin’s mind, there wasn’t a damn thing they could do about it.

There is only one thing this old-school Russian regime and its leader understands, military strength. Putin’s weighing out of risk versus reward makes him believe Russia has the upper hand based upon not only what he’s built but the weaknesses he’s seen across the globe from protectors of freedom.
He has also had the ability through Russian intelligence to infiltrate other governments and create the modern-day warfare of cyber-attack. He’s wagering this will provide him enough wiggle room toward any sanctions placed against Russia not being strong enough. This leniency created out of fear of cyber-attack.

Now here’s the even scarier part. The same failed economic policies from Washington to Wall Street to corporate America that have sold out our Nation and created those billion-dollar revenue streams to Russia, China, and many others fuel the fire. This wealth is being used for weaponry and the creation of military power. Sure, everything’s all fun and games when other countries are milking America dry, but what happens when someone becomes arrogant and powerful enough to want more and no longer fears the US?

I know one thing, if I lived in Taiwan and saw what was happening across the globe, I’d find somewhere else to call home.

In closing on an unrelated but now worrisome note…I cannot believe the prices we, the American people, are paying for home heating oil, at the gas pump, the grocery store, just for the simple everyday necessities. I really would like to know the true rate of inflation? The fleecing of America has never been more out of control. I can only imagine how what is occurring in Ukraine will be used to justify even more price increases on the American people.

Although compared to what the folks in Kyiv are going through, our problems seem pretty insignificant.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb