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Always Question Science, Medicine, and Government

I want to make this as blatantly clear as possible. The above three are driven by money, power, and beyond greed. They couldn’t care a laboratory rat’s tail about you. Anyone who tries to tell you any differently either directly benefits from the madness or has taken their five-pound bag of sugar to help the medicine go down.

Science, by its very own nature, should always be questioned. Unfortunately, like everything else in our Nation, it has been sold out to the highest bidder and a board of directors. It was scientists within a laboratory that mutated a naturally occurring organism into COVID-19. A man-altered genetic germ designed for one purpose. It was scientists who raced to split the atom. If that helps, you look at it any differently.

No matter how pure a scientific mind and heart may be, big pharmaceutical and government are corrupt. Not to mention many of the greatest inventions of science were laboratory mistakes — like nitrous oxide for anesthesia, Penicillin, iodine, the telephone, Vulcanized rubber, and nylon. Just to mention a few. The creation of asbestos was considered a scientific marvel with more applications than ever thought about. How did that work out?

Please don’t misread what I am saying. I’m not talking about believing in something that is proven provided by science; I am talking about unadulterated trust just because it is science. We should have all also learned by now that anything created by man has an endless timeline of judgment.

Now, let’s discuss the combination of science and medicine in our Nation. Simply surmised, the United States spends the most of any country on both. Just in federal grant money for medical science, 130 billion dollars was provided in 2019. Globally, the largest pharmaceutical companies spent nearly 200 billion dollars in the same year on research and development. It goes without saying big pharma’s biggest customer is the United States. In the same calendar year, there were 345.7 billion dollars spent on prescription drugs in the US. Can you imagine the take the medical insurance companies get for just shuffling the paperwork on these drugs?

So, if this effort was in the American citizens’ best interest, it should be safe to say “We the People” should have the best availability of and implementation of prescription drugs in the world. So how do you judge?

My common sense would tell me a simple way would be life expectancy and comparison. Depending on whose numbers you go by, life expectancy in 2019 was 78.6 years. Comparing that to countries comparable to the United States, we weren’t even in the top 10. Their average was over 82 years. Comparing it to all nations around the world, we weren’t even in the top 40.
Americans, per capita, are prescribed more drugs than any other nation in the world. Again, there are many places to get the numbers, but we’re talking up to four times more than comparable nations. You would think the cost per prescription would be less; it is almost double compared to comparable nations.

Clearly, the largest pusher of drugs in the world is the United States health care industry. Did I mention in the first part of my article that opioids were a scientific and medical wonder at one time, completely endorsed and pushed by the federal government?

Again, there is a difference between trusting, questioning, and applying common sense. Hopefully, you trust your doctor, but you should question drugs that are prescribed. For no other reason than it’s your health! Not to mention at some point, the scientists are going to realize that the reason we don’t have a longer life expectancy is due to the amount of drugs prescribed and the combination effect. This doesn’t even take into account the use of over-the-counter drugs.

The last of the trilogy in my title has completely perverted what our Founding Fathers intended for our Nation. Being elected and serving “We the People” was to be exactly that. Service to one’s Country and working for the people. Not a lifetime seat at the trough of the American taxpayer.

Our federal government has grown itself into the largest business in the world. With just one catch, they don’t have to balance a budget or worry about a P&L. The only shareholders are the elected and the appointed. Along with their staffing entourages. This work has become generational in many cases.

Anyone serving in Washington for more than two terms in any capacity is part of the problem. Some that have only been there a short time now fit this mold. This beast, which has been created in Washington, is controlled by the largest corporations in the world and the billionaires that own them. What is occurring has nothing to do with political affiliation; it has become a long-term peaceful takeover of our Nation.

Anyone who thinks our federal government is working for the good of the people and deserves our trust is only saying that because they are benefiting from a corrupt system. The hardworking Americans and small business owners are the prey of the federal government and those controlling it. They want to lull you to sleep with stimulus money, PPP money, federal bailouts, and ridiculous promises in current times.

This world order of capitalistic vampires wants much more than your money. They want the soul of our constitutional freedom. They want to feed on our Nation as long as possible. They don’t care about the consequence. The more division created amongst the People, the easier the hunt.

If you feel like you’re having “Déjà vu all over again” there is a reason why. This editorial ran this past February. As I witness what is currently taking place in our Nation, this provides the overview leading to my column for next week. Thank you to New York Yankee legend and hall of famer Yogi Berra for the quote. It also applies to what our federal government, mainstream media and billionaire orchestrators are currently doing.

God Bless America.

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Jim Webb

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  • Donna McAndrew
    August 12, 2021, 5:42 pm

    Government yes. If you are not educated in the science and medicine keep your mouth shut. Make you look like a fool.