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Identifying the Enemy

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack. So many families’, so many friends’ lives changed forever. And to the family of Lane Graves, the two-year-old who lost his young life while enjoying a family vacation on the grounds of Disney. What an unimaginable event. To watch as your son is taken by a gator, I can’t even fathom what the parents are going through. And also to the family of Christine Griminick the 22-year-old up and coming performer who appeared on The Voice had her life taken by a lone gunman.

I love Orlando, it is one of my favorite destinations, the good people of that area go out of their way for us tourists from the North. It pains me to see the dark cloud that is now over the city. It is such a happy place. This too shall pass. As in any tragedy, it will unite and bring the community together, this has already been evident by how the people of Orlando have responded while blinded by the glare of the news media.

The hatred of Americans by Jihadists who are Islamic Extremists cannot be overstated. They want us dead and to create a state of terror changing the American way of life we all enjoy forever.

ISIS, Al-Queda, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram, Taliban, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Al-Shabaab Hezbollah, Islamic Revolutionary Guard, Haqqani Network – I could go on and on. They are just the most deadly Islamic Extremists, killing in the name of jihad, beliefs they derived from the Quran.

Whether their interpretation of the book of Allah is correct is not my concern. The cold-blooded fact is, innocent people are being executed around the globe on a daily basis in the name of jihad – Muslim Holy War. They do not discriminate; they will kill anyone who does not have the same beliefs they do, even fellow Muslims who have a completely different belief in the teachings of Muhammad.

Rule number one of military engagement is to identify the enemy. It is treasonous to me the President of the United States of America will not identify our enemy. It’s clear who they are and what they want.

Mr. Obama was quick to identify the Christians during the Crusades as perpetrators of evil and compare them to the terrorists that had fallen away from the Muslim teachings and beliefs. This took place at a White House prayer breakfast a while back believe it or not.

A fallen Christian who perpetrates evil is still a fallen Christian; you made that point for me. A Muslim, who becomes a Jihadist, is still a Muslim, an evil Fundamental Islamic Extremist.

By not identifying the enemy and their mission – which they believe is to unite the Muslim faith and conquer the infidels – you are putting our Nation in grave danger.

There is currently a World War being waged. Every Islamic Extremist organization and every Islamic terrorist should be identified to the American people so we know who they are and how dangerous the situation has become.

Failure to do this in early American history would have gotten Mr. Obama executed. In current times being led out of the Oval Office in handcuffs would be sufficient.

We have now had the deadliest radical Islamic attack on American soil since 9/11. You providing aid and comfort to our enemy by not naming who they are, by releasing the worst of the worst from GTMO, by allowing Muslim refugees entry into our Country is beyond bad judgment! You certainly need to be held accountable for your nonpresidential actions.

Syrian refugees are a harbinger for the evil that follows; it’s not okay to bring them by the thousands into our Country. Look at what has happened across the Middle East, Germany, France and around the world on the heels of Syrian immigration.

We should never discriminate against fellow Americans or people seeking immigration that have followed the proper protocol like our ancestors. But to allow the very people seeking the freedom of our shores that want us dead and give them an access card, housing and spending money courtesy of the American taxpayer, the people in Washington are flat out crazy. And that goes for Governor Wolf in Sheep’s clothing also.

Islamic extremists have no value of life; they use women and children to achieve their goal of terror. If you don’t think every terrorist organization has women on the frontlines we are all in big trouble.

Should we turn away every Muslim immigrant? Absolutely not. But where there is smoke, there is a terrorist attack waiting to happen. Those leaving known terrorist hotbeds around the World have a history of evil following them that we just cannot ignore. The risk at this point in American history is too great to welcome in everyone. Look at what one lone ISIS follower can do. Supporters of radical Islam that are on a watch list or are here illegally should be shipped out. If they are American citizens they should be under constant surveillance.

It is not a matter of being a World humanitarian, Mr. Obama; it is a matter of protecting the United States, our fellow citizens and our way of life as you have been sworn to do by putting your hand on the Bible.

When our ancestors came to America they thanked God for the opportunity and assimilated to the ways of the United States of America.

They kept all the great things about their culture, upbringing and the nation they came from. But they learned English, followed the laws of America and were proud when they earned their American citizenship.

The immigrants of today do not want to assimilate to the laws of our land or become proud to be an American. The majority of Muslim immigrants, in a recent PBS poll, when asked if they follow American law or Sharia Laws chose Sharia Law, which is the belief in the fundamental body of Islamic law. That would be good if they were living in Syria.

This is what leads to the ability for terrorists to blend in in segregated neighborhoods. Examples are easy enough to find in France and Germany.

Folks we need to make sure immigration is not camouflage for an invasion to change our American way of life. There has been too much blood spilled for our freedom to allow anyone, any group or any religion to threaten this.

God Bless America.

Everyday Player

Tip of the cap to long time Mountie baseball coach Shawn Finn. Finney coached for the Blue and White for 22 seasons. In 16 years as the “Skipper” he never had a losing season, thus qualifying his boys for District Playoffs every year. He won 240 games, five League Championships, appeared in the District title game four times and won a District Crown.

Coach Finn was as passionate about baseball and young people as they come. I always enjoyed seeing him and talking about the game of baseball we both enjoy so dearly.
I love his energy, enthusiasm and the fact he will let his players know there is accountability. He is fiery and wants to win; I would play for him any day of the week, as would my boys.

The first year Little Mountaineer Little League hosted the “Battle of the Borough” at their newly remodeled field I was coaching Loyalsock and Hunter was out in centerfield. The tournament for 11-12-year-old boys was a great experience and Coach Finn was in the press box on the microphone. His introductions and enthusiasm made the Little Leaguers feel like Big Leaguers.

The last game my Dad got to watch, Hunter hit a homerun to right of the scoreboard almost hitting my Father. He actually got the ball. When he gave it to Hunter he said, “Boy the guy up in the press box really made a big deal about the homer.” And yes Coach Finn did, with his special call and love of the game.

Thank you Finney, you’re a true baseball guy and will always have a special place with me for that memory. I wish you, your wife Michelle and kids Mackenzie and Hunter all the best. You deserve it. I’m sure our paths will cross on a ball diamond somewhere.

Jim Webb

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