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Thanks to Blue, Saluting a General and Gals with Guns

Thanks to Blue, Saluting a General and Gals with Guns

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to our local and state law enforcement folks. In the world of today, we need to appreciate these ladies and gentlemen. Whether it’s in the communities, schools, or on the highways of the West Branch Valley, they go above and beyond to provide us a safe place to call home. We are truly blessed within the friendly confines of our area to be shielded from the nationally seen problems. This begins with the quality and character of the individuals that protect and serve our communities.

The Williamsport Bureau of Police must deal with a lot of big-city problems on a small-town budget. They have done an excellent job over the years with community policing and events to be active and involved in the community. They have tried to provide that friendly face in every neighborhood that the citizens of Billtown feel comfortable with.

Mayor Derek Slaughter, Williamsport City Council, and Chief Damon Hagan are way above the curve in addressing the current issues facing our Country. They understand what is required of law enforcement in today’s world and want to be proactive to the needs of the City.

I am fortunate to know many of the leaders and law enforcement folks within the municipalities that make up our distribution area. They are hardworking people. They want to provide law and justice for all. They approach every day with a love of their job and a caring for the people they serve. Their salaries aren’t even close to rewarding them for the important job they do and the dedication they exemplify.

On the law and order side of things at the Lycoming County level, the same commitment can be found. I don’t know if most understand the effort it requires from these good people. We live within the largest county in the state of Pennsylvania. For Lycoming County District Attorney Ryan Gardener, Sheriff Mark Lusk, our detectives/investigative unit and head of probation, Ed McCoy, it’s a daunting task. The same can be said for the folks holding down the fort at the Lycoming County Prison. It takes a team effort in the budget cut world of today, and they all do a great job in keeping Lycoming County safe.

Next up, our state policing provided out of the F Troop barracks in Montoursville. Again, they have a big geographical area to cover, and it amazes me how they accomplish this. For most, the Pennsylvania State Police is a lifetime of dedication. Most do it because they love to protect and serve fellow Pennsylvanians. Especially for our State Troopers, the highways have become a more dangerous place. The major roadways through our area have become frequent drug and human trafficking routes. This puts added pressure on all law enforcement.

It is most important at a time when we hear the ridiculous words of “defunding the police” we take a moment and say thank you to our local law enforcement. Buy them a cup of coffee, or maybe lunch. Let them know they’re supported and appreciated.

It requires an unwavering effort of the United States Military to provide our freedom at home and abroad each and every day. It requires this same commitment from all in law enforcement to provide peace within each community to enjoy said freedom.

Speaking of the United States Armed Forces. A Webb Weekly salute to Muncy’s very own Patrick Gaydon. During a ceremony in Northern Virginia on July 3rd, the U.S. Army promoted Gaydon to Brigadier General. Lieutenant General James Pasquarette officiated the promotion ceremony. His mother, Maria Gaydon of Muncy, and his six siblings attended his promotion ceremony. He is the son of the late Louis Gaydon Jr.

Brigadier General Gaydon graduated from Muncy High School in 1990 and the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1994. His military career spans 26 years and includes combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Following his return from Iraq in 2018, he served mostly as the United States Army’s Director of Materiel in the Pentagon.

Brigadier General Gaydon will be serving as the Deputy Commanding General for Support in the 25th Infantry Division stationed in Hawaii.

I received a very nice thank you from Lucile Zablocky on her 2nd Amendment training courtesy of Webb Weekly and instructed by National Range and Armory. Lucile is 84 years young; therefore, the cost of the class was covered. Lucile said the class was a great experience, and the teachers were outstanding. She and her husband signed their granddaughter up for an upcoming class.

So far, this summer, 110 ladies have received training on the safe handling and use of a firearm by the good folks at National Range and Armory. Lucile’s letter, along with many other thank yous and a perfectly shot target sent to me by Marion Nyman, made me realize we can’t stop here. Therefore, I will be sponsoring another 50 ladies who would like to learn and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

To get registered, simply call National Range and Armory at 570-601-4101 or go to their Facebook page. Webb Weekly will cover half the cost of the class unless you’re 65 years young or older. Then the full amount is paid for! Be safe, have fun, and shoot straight ladies.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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