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An All-American Breakfast and Clean Ride of Appreciation

A heartfelt thank you and Webb Weekly salute to all our Veterans. Since the creation of the Continental Army in 1775, the American soldier has been fighting for and protecting our freedom every moment. Our Nation has been at what is actually considered war 227 out of a possible 245 years. With all the threats our Country currently faces, I don’t believe there’ll ever be another year we are not at war. As it is often said, the war against terrorism is never-ending. Whether it’s being fought at home or abroad.

If possible, I would shake the hand of, and personally thank, all 19 million Veterans of the United States Armed Forces from sea to shining sea. They are the true providers of Liberty. The following numbers from the Veterans Administration break down the living members of our Veterans community by war era. There are 3 million Veterans who served in direct combat and support roles during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The largest number of current Veterans is made up of the Gulf War era, 7.8 million.

There are an estimated 5.9 million Veterans from the Vietnam War living amongst us, along with 930,000 from the Korean War era. And currently, the VA estimates there are still 240,000 World War II Veterans carrying on the Greatest Generation’s honor. I must note some Veterans’ service spans multiple “War Eras.”

All of these men and women are true American Heroes and deserve our thanks, love, appreciation, and support whenever needed.

Webb Weekly is proud to again be teaming up with Dolly’s Diner to show our gratitude and appreciation for our area’s Veterans. Thank you to CI, Ron Insinger, his family, and staff for doing the hard work of the event.

A quick overview of the Veterans’ Breakfast. Please, simply stop by one of Dolly’s 3 locations on Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11th, from morning open until noon and receive The Dolly Special – 2 eggs, your favorite meat, home fries or hash browns, toast, and coffee, and a heartfelt thank you.

CI and I will be stopping by the different locations to personally thank many of you.

A salute to the Dolly’s staff for going above and beyond on this day and showing their support for our Veterans.

In addition to this, I want to make mention of the great work George Heim and his boys Todd, Tom, George, and Dustin have been doing for the past 18 years. Any Veteran may have their vehicle washed all day on November 11th at no charge. This is available at the three Ultimate Express Car Washes across the West Branch Valley and Blue Lion Car Wash on Washington Blvd. George and his staff provide the Ultimate Plus Wash, and a sincere thank you to all Veterans who take him up on the offer.

Since George began the program in 2003, he has provided an average of $25,000 every year in free car washes on Veterans Day. A Webb Weekly tip of the cap with the American Flag on the side to George and his family for this effort and support of our Veterans.

Please make the time on Veterans Day to reach out to that special family member, friend, or neighbor and thank them for their selflessness and service to our great Nation. Please also, in passing, take the time to randomly thank any Veteran you come across. Believe me; it will be greatly appreciated. Even more importantly, we all need to support and make sure our past, present, and future American Soldiers are taken care of each and every day.

SWPD Santa Sign Ups

Tip of my hat to the South Williamsport Police Department. The SWPD Christmas fund will be providing gifts to children of families in South Williamsport and Duboistown that may need a helping hand this holiday season.

It is the goal of the SWPD to make sure there are 3-4 presents under everyone’s tree on the South Side. The program is for children 15 years old and younger. Again, this is for residents of South Williamsport and the Duboistown area. Now, here is the important part, you must sign up ahead of time and provide your children’s ages so the SWPD can make sure the gifts are age-appropriate.

There will be two sign-ups held; the first one is this Saturday, November 13th, from noon until 3 p.m. The second will be Monday, December the 6th, from 5 to 8 p.m. Please call the department at 570-327-8152 Extension 205. The office is open Monday through Friday between 8 and 4 to request a time slot.

If any individual or business within the community would like to donate to the SWPD Christmas Fund, it’s not too late. Again, contact Officer Stropp by phone or at

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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