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2020 The Reality of a Futuristic Odyssey

Happy New Year, everybody! I find it surreal that we’re in the year 2020. In my mind, that sounds like the perfect title for a science fiction movie. Maybe it takes place right here in the United States. Aliens begin to invade our Country, and I’m talking about from another galaxy, not from South of the border. Although I guess space aliens would also be considered illegal aliens.

As the movie begins, our Nation is divided between those who believe in One Nation under God and its freedom as intended by our forefathers. And by those that believe these freedoms should be constricted for a larger form of government. A Nation where everything is free to everyone, no matter of your contribution to society. This battle has reached the point of impasse, where the President is under attack as are all those that believe in the American Dream as intended.

As the movie continues, the two-party system and its supporters that make up our Country refuse to find middle ground. Things gradually worsen. They finally reach the point where our Country loses focus and forgets there are true enemies out there that want to destroy all that is Red, White, and Blue. All that our Nation represents and stands for. It seems somehow the words compromise and united have become four-letter words to many that exist within our boundaries.

At the very last minute, when it seems America will destroy itself and fall into the abyss, a blessing in disguise arrives. Alien spaceships, and no, they did not travel up from another country, they’re from another galaxy, invade and want to take every natural resource from sea to shining sea. They view us as simply the ignorant ingrates that don’t appreciate these blessings, understand that together we’re strong, divided we fall, and that all is earned nothing is given. Besides, we are viewed as food to them on their planet.

Of course, then the miraculous happens. The greatest threat against everybody’s personal liberty and actual existence brings America back together. United in a way that hasn’t been seen since 9/11, Democrats and Republicans work together to save themselves from the space invaders. As the movie ends President Trump embraces Nancy Pelosi, the American flag waving against the bright blue sky. Miss Pelosi saying, “I just didn’t understand Donald. I apologize for the breach in National Security I have caused.” President Trump embracing her saying, “Didn’t you read my Tweet? I told you this would happen.” And they all live happily ever after, still not understanding the plight of the everyday American.

Yes, I know, there’s a better chance of little green men showing up in Washington than house Speaker Pelosi and President Trump embracing. I was going to say hugging, but that made me feel too uncomfortable.

I apologize to the creators of Independence Day and a couple of episodes of the Twilight Zone for using some of their material. I left out a couple of interesting scenes, one as Miss Pelosi and her followers try to convince the President, “They come in peace, and we should negotiate with them.” And the other as President Trump jumps into a jet fighter and takes off to blow up the alien mothership. Before leaving, he gives Speaker Nancy the one finger up, all American salute.

Anyway, as the calendar reads 2020, I just wanted to start everybody off with a little science fiction for thought and maybe a laugh.

I thought it was most fitting the new decade was ushered in with that unmistakable music accompanied by the voice of Barbara Walters. This is 20/20. It just seemed like the perfect pairing. What did not was how many people on TV wanted to imitate her. This, to me, was the watering down of an iconic moment, especially when Whoopi Goldberg wouldn’t let it alone.

The year 2020 is going to move by at warp speed. With so much happening across our Country and around the world, who knows what the next day will bring. We are all so very blessed to be watching what is happening from our friendly confines of the West Branch Valley. There’s no place in the world I would rather be. As the world goes mad on the outside, we must stand together, work together, and allow nothing to divide us here at home.

Political discussion and debate are as red, white, and blue as the American flag. We must all agree to disagree and love one another. Political disagreements may occur at the family table, where I recommend politics are not talked about. They always will take place within local government where those sworn to duty are intended to govern for “We the People”. Heck, it might just be two guys sitting at the end of the bar enjoying an ice-cold longneck. Just because they have differing political views doesn’t mean one should smash that bottle of Bud over the other guy’s head. Political poppycock will definitely take place on social media, to which I just shake my head and have no comment.

We must always feel free to have open discussions and different views, that’s the American way. But most importantly, these must be checked at the door, in the name of country, family, friendship, and community. All must understand freedom is not free.

This is what has made our little corner of Penns Woods such a special place. We have always been able to shake hands, share some laughs, and not allow political differences to divide.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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