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Double Fund the Police, Double Down on Education

If we really want to improve inner-city life for all that live there, two basic things must happen. It is only common sense when you think it through. What is going on nationally in our largest cities proves this.

We cannot cater and kneel to criminals and lawlessness at the expense of the law-abiding. I have witnessed way too much recently; it is absolutely despicable what the leadership of these cities and states are allowing to go on.

This is not about peaceful protest or change; this is about the destruction of businesses, property, and lives. Allowing anarchy in the name of racism to hold city blocks and our Nation hostage is beyond reasonable comprehension.

From New York to Seattle, our major cities are proof that Democratic beyond liberal leadership fails. The 25 most dangerous cities in our Nation are led by beyond liberal ideas and have been for decades. The common factors in all have been crime, homelessness, unemployment, and children’s inability to get a good education.

This is not about the vandals we see tearing down statues. This is about those that live in our Nation’s cities. And after the rioting, looting, and violence, they must still call these neighborhoods home.

So, what are the two simple things that must happen in American cities to change things for the better? First, we must double fund the police. Without safe neighborhoods, nobody can pursue life, liberty, or any happiness. The law-abiding are scared for their lives. Gangs, thuggery, and intimidation rule the city blocks.

The police are simply outnumbered, and the innocent have lost their constitutional rights and are afraid to speak up. There is a definite need for more officers on constant patrol that represent the neighborhoods they’re patrolling. Those providing law enforcement within these communities must have better pay and incentives to encourage them to stay within these neighborhoods. There needs to be more community policing and involvement with the people to build trust. And it goes without saying better training, support, and mental health care options are needed for all police officers.

The police need the unwavering support of the elected, whether it’s the mayor, city council, or the governor of the state. Americans’ safety has to become job one on the home front. This begins with local law enforcement. Then followed up by putting the bad guys in jail and keeping them there.

We must provide safe neighborhoods for the law-abiding American citizen, whether it’s Urban or Rural America. The idea this can be done by defunding the police is complete lunacy. We must have a law enforcement presence to provide safe school zones. This leads us to the second and equally as important change that must occur.

There must be an opportunity for quality education in inner-city public schools. The education within our major cities is terrible. We need to provide a realistic education to allow these children the opportunity to be successful in life. This is not happening. The educational system needs completely rebuilt. The beyond liberal way to just throw more money at education, as in the case of the state of California, doesn’t work. However, state and federal government needs to significantly increase funding to target reading, writing, arithmetic, and yes, American history, along with life skills, technology, and vocational skills. Again, this all begins with safe neighborhoods, safe schools, and then a commonsense curriculum.

Education needs to cover what inner-city kids are facing and encounter every day. Classes are needed to encourage students to enter law enforcement, the military, and yes, education — to inspire them to make a difference within their own neighborhood, community, and country.

This beyond liberal to fascist diatribe that is currently engulfing our Nation solves nothing. It will only continue to divide and reveal the problems created by decades of corruption with our major cities.
The saddest part may be those elected to fix the problems are the problem.

Last Chance, Ladies

There are still a few spots open for the ladies out there to learn the safe handling and use of a pistol. Adam Cordus, owner of National Range and Armory, and I have been empowering women all summer long with their 2nd Amendment rights. If you have an interest, please get registered immediately. This will be the last round of classes we do this year.

By the time we’re done, over 200 ladies will have participated in the training.

Thank you to my friends at National Range and Armory for taking care of the business end of the offer. I have heard nothing but great things about their efforts.

A tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to Bill Briggman, rangemaster, and the team effort at National. Eric Densberger is the lead instructor. He is assisted by Ashley Brouse and Kait Thursby. The complete staff assists in the live fire portion of range training. Great job, gang!

If you are on the fence about this offer, grab a friend and give it a try. It will be well worth your time. Just to warn and challenge all the men out there, the ladies make the best shooters. It doesn’t take them long with a little of the proper training to fill the bull’s eye.

For more information or to get registered, call National Range and Armory at 570-601-4100 or go to their Facebook page.

Let’s all be careful out there, love one another, and be grateful for all we are so very blessed within our Nation.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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