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President’s Day Positivity

I received a phone call from a nice lady this past week who enjoyed reading my column. She asked if possible could I stay positive about President Obama. Maybe talk about the good things he is doing. My reply was I would do my best. I always listen and try to provide Webb Weekly readers the answers to questions they ask and to write about topics they are concerned about. So here we go.

I will begin with complementing Mr. Obama on his golf game. For a man of such high standing, with a young family to find the time to play the number of rounds of golf really shows me something. He must be a master planner and budgeter of time. Most give up golf or play less when their job or family becomes priority. The President has it figured out and must use all 24 hours of the day.

Also, I tip my cap to President Obama, I heard he played a round with Tiger Woods at Augusta and finished two up. Tiger paid for his round, his dinner and paid up on the bet they made. President Obama’s golf game is saving us, the American taxpayers, money thanks to Tiger.

Next thing I admire about Mr. Obama is his ability to network. He knows more folks that have the ability to serve our Nation than anybody in Presidential history.

This is evident by his ability to fill vacant cabinet positions as they occur. Most would be concerned about continuity, planning and National Security. You know the positions of Secretary of State, Treasury, Defense, Attorney General and so on are pretty important stuff. No worries for President Obama though, just get on the phone, go play a round of golf with a potential candidate and position filled.

I have a Webb Weekly exclusive! Tiger Woods will be our next Secretary of Defense. After a round of golf Mr. Obama felt Tiger’s ability to play out of the sand and rough made him a no-brainer for this position. He also stated anyone with the name Tiger may intimidate our enemies.

This leads me to my next good job Mr. President. The money he is saving the American people on military expenses by closing bases, cutting budgets for weaponry, and paring back our troops. Most presidents would be afraid of such bold acts with all that is going on in the world. Not President Obama, he knows the importance of a balanced budget and decreasing of our national debt and he is right on it.

President Obama believes by keeping our borders open and not making it more difficult to gain entrance into our Country coupled with the savings of military funding by not engaging our enemies wherever they are is the future of our National Defense. No boots on the ground or full-scale military operation abroad.

This keeps our troops here at home to defend our homeland. Let our enemies incur the travel and logistics expense. Pure military expertise by our President.

I am envious of the President and his vacation planning. Anywhere his family would like to go is no problem. Of course there is that annual two weeks in Hawaii. That’s probably getting old for the Obamas.

I have no problem with his time away from the Oval Office, whether it be for golf or vacation. This saves us money on all the ink he uses to bypass Congress by signing Executive Orders. It’s a win, win. He also has his down time with his family paid for by someone else. Boy, I need to learn to play the angles more.

I always think it’s cool he has an aircraft carrier floating nearby when he travels to Africa or Greece. Talk about making a statement. I’m the President of the United States. I bring my own Cruise ship along, complete with military aircraft, sea to land missiles and a fully stocked bar with Sam Adams. That’s impressive.

The next time my family and I go to Ocean City, I think I will call the President. See if he will send the USS Enterprise down off the coast of South Jersey for me. Hey, I pay my taxes, it can’t hurt to ask.

Party of four for Webb, your aircraft carrier is ready complements of President Obama. That’s rolling with the big dogs.

I could go on and on about my admiration of President Obama. I’m glad that nice lady had concerns over my lack of appreciation for our Commander-in-Chief.

I admire his ability to create a verbalbuster during State of the Union addresses or press conferences.

Again pure brilliance on his part. What’s a verbalbuster? When an individual talks with conviction and passion and continues his message for a length of time, covering an array of topics to the point where no one really knows what he’s been saying. Everyone claps, looks at each other puzzled, and asks what did he say? Then realize they just are glad it’s over and they don’t know.

And last but definitely not the least is my appreciation of Obama Care. His salesmanship and hiring of PR folks to pedal the Affordable Health Care Act. His ability to get it through Congress and implemented. Pure genius.

Nobody still knows what’s in it. I expect the Indians to take back Manhattan any day soon as part of Obama Care.

You know, as compensation for all of the Indian doctors we currently have. What’s that, wrong Indians? No, Mr. Obama clearly said I could keep my doctor and he is an Indian American. Sorry, I’m still confused about Obama Care but our President says it’s in the best interest of the American people.

I hope you enjoyed my President’s Day tribute to our President. Boy, I feel good not going negative and stressing the positive.

God Bless America.

Jim Webb

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